Mobile Updates: Card Deposits and Withdrawals Added

, January 25, 2017

We couldn’t be more excited to announce updates to official CEX.IO mobile app that will change your Bitcoin experience once and for all. Now, for your convenience, you can easily deposit and withdraw funds to buy and sell Bitcoins right in the app, wherever you are.

Deposit and Withdraw Money in the App

With the latest release, payment functionality of CEX.IO app has been considerably improved. Thus, the most important option of the exchange — deposits and withdrawals using payment cards — has been added to the application. That means, you now can always add funds to your account or withdraw them upon demand using your ordinary VISA/MasterCard.

Manage Finance

The updated Finance tab of the app will come in handy for smart finance management. By using CEX.IO app, you now can get an overview of all your financial transactions, balances and cards that can be used to deposit and withdraw funds on the go. Please note that only linked cards can be used for payments via mobile app. Therefore, make sure to link your card via CEX.IO website before using card payments in the app.

Buy and Sell Bitcoins using Credit Card

The key feature of the new mobile version is surely the ability to buy Bitcoins on the go using your credit card, or sell Bitcoins and withdraw money to your card. As most card payments are instant, you will enjoy fast access to your fiat and crypto funds. You can also take advantage of templates for crypto withdrawals that can be saved and used for easier and frequent Bitcoin payments.

CEX.IO mobile app is available for free download on iOS and Android devices from Apple Store and Google Play respectively. More features to be added soon.


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