CEX.IO Monthly Digest (October)

, November 11, 2022

Trick or treat! 

Halloween is the theme of the month in October. And much like the tradition where kids go around the neighborhood in search of treats, we decided to join the fun. But, instead of asking for the proverbial candy, think of CEX.IO as your friendly neighbor handing out goodies in the form of crypto promos, giveaways, and contests (minus the scary-looking jack-o-lanterns). 

But, more on that in a bit. In reality, our community witnessed groundbreaking events, exciting market occurrences, and never-before-seen price shifts. Just like a scarecrow looming over a cornfield in a horror movie, we were there. In turn, we kept a watchful eye on every market shift, and offered timely analysis to our users and fellow enthusiasts. And boy, did we have things to witness! 

The global crypto community persisted in its efforts to battle the bear market, with many bracing for colder temperatures in this latest “crypto winter.” Turbulence in the crypto landscape was just as stubborn, but alas, market participants expressed unwavering optimism that things must turn out to be better (a winning mindset shared with most horror movie protagonists, mind you).

On our end, we continued to develop and fine-tune our ecosystem of crypto products and services to make them even more intuitive and effortless to use. Our goal has remained the same: to empower and educate our community to successfully navigate the ever-shifting crypto landscape. To that end, we’ve crafted numerous promos, features, and special offers to help our users survive and thrive in the inherently nerve-racking uncertainty of the crypto world. 

This edition of the CEX.IO monthly digest comprises the latest updates, accomplishments, and promotional events that defined October. Read along to help make the most informed decisions and stay included in ongoing ecosystem advancements. Let’s begin.

New features and company updates

Here’s what’s been going on in October:

CEX.IO Q3 Compass Report

It’s no secret that 2022 has been extremely tough on the global crypto industry. However, some say that 2023 could offer new possibilities for the crypto space. Our Market Research Team has put together a robust recap of Q3 2022 in the latest installment of our COMPASS report series, designed to help you chart your personal path to the coming year. 

Look for the L2 blockchain solutions driving innovation on the ETH network, an in-depth breakdown of the Ethereum Merge, and data-driven insight into BTC’s latest price movements. In the face of inherent crypto uncertainty, let our expert team help you make the most informed decisions.


CEX.IO Website Updates

We’re always looking for ways to make our user experience more intuitive and effortless. To that end, we’ve revamped several aspects of our website. The “Deposit” button is now available as “Add Funds,” but can still be found in its old location: the CEX.IO homepage’s top right-hand corner. You can open the deposit page by clicking on it.

Simultaneously, you’ll now see the “Send Funds” button instead of the “Withdraw” option. Go to the CEX.IO homepage’s Finance Tab to access this option. Using this button is just as straightforward: click on “Send Funds” to make a withdrawal next to your desired withdrawal asset, and you’ll arrive at our well-known Withdrawal page. 


CEX.IO CEO Oleksandr Lutskevych media presence 

October has been an eventful month for our entire company, but even more so for our executive echelon. Mr. Lutskevych provided expert insight into the importance of the vetting process in Cointelegraph’s 11 lessons crypto exchanges can learn from traditional markets publication. 

Also, our CEO emphasized the importance of exchange ecosystem stewardship during the post-ETH Merge event for users in Cointelegraph’s 10 ways the ETH merge will change crypto (and how insiders can prepare) post.

Lastly, the experienced captain of the CEX.IO ocean liner also put forward the responsibility exchanges should have towards safeguarding user’ funds and information in Cointelegraph’ s 13 things regulators should know when considering and crafting crypto regulations publication. 

CEX.IO COO Konstantin Anissimov’s expert insight

In Cointelegraph’s Is Bitcoin an inflation hedge? Why BTC hasn’t fared well with peak inflation analysis, our COO provided his expert insight into the factors that impact assets beyond inflation, BTC included.

Yahoo!Finance also consulted Mr. Anissimov’s opinion in their analytic piece, Could Rishi Sunak make the UK a global crypto hub? The CEX.IO COO explained that he sees Sunak’s relocation to Ten Downing Street as a step in the right direction for more wide scale crypto adoption.

Rich Evans, CEX.IO Managing Director, Institutional Business Interview

Our Managing Director for Institutional Business, Rich Evans, explained the intricacies of finding a balance between safety and growth in the crypto industry in an in-depth interview with Hedgeweek.

Arina Dudko, Head of Corporate Payments, Podcast Interview

Our Head of Corporate Payments shared her experience of delivering the neobank experience in crypto during her Fiat Republic S1E9 Crypto Legends podcast interview. 

New listings

InSure (SURE)

InSure DeFi is a community-based, crypto asset insurance ecosystem designed to distribute crypto ownership risks amongst a liquidity pool. Within it, users can acquire SURE tokens with fiat and other cryptocurrencies, thereby insuring their crypto portfolio. 

Also, InSure DAO acts as a decentralized support system focusing on facilitating the processing of all insurance claims. Consequently, it ensures that fraudulent claims are flagged, and only valid claims are fulfilled. You can trade SURE/USD on CEX.IO. 



Chiliz (CHZ) 

Chillz is a blockchain protocol that enables sports lovers to partake in the experiences of their favorite teams. Using the protocol’s native token, CHZ, fans purchase their team’s Fan Tokens and engage with them directly and share in the excitement. Our platform enables trading, depositing, and withdrawing CHZ (although currently not available for U.S. and Canadian users).


LeverFi (LEVER)

LeverFi is ideal for yield farmers and represents a decentralized leverage trading platform formerly known as RAMP DEFI. LEVER is the platform’s native token. LeverFi aims to blend trading and farming into a single platform by remedying DeFi market issues like utility, sustainability, and the absence of TVL.


Idex (IDEX)

Idex is a hybrid, decentralized exchange blending the performance of traditional order books with the liquidity and security of an automated market maker (AMM). The exchange’s native token is IDEX. Idex brings a new approach to decentralized exchanges through the combination of an off-chain trading engine and on-chain settlements. 


Polkastarter (POLS)

Polkastarter is a decentralized fundraising blockchain aimed at launching Web 3.0 projects, while simultaneously helping them raise funds via multi-chain token pools. In other words, POLS specializes in enabling projects to build fixed-chain swap pools to securely raise funds. Consequently, users can enjoy peace of mind with their exchanges thanks to automated execution of swaps through smart contracts. 


Liquity (LQTY)

This decentralized borrowing blockchain protocol was created on the Ethereum network. LQTY is a secondary token that can only be earned by depositing the protocol’s stablecoin (LUSD) into the platform’s stability pool, facilitating stability pool deposits through the holders’ frontend, or providing liquidity to the LUSD:ETH Uniswap pool.


BarnBridge (BOND) 

Launched in 2020, this blockchain protocol aims to reduce the volatility of crypto markets by tokenizing risks. It accomplishes this goal by splitting crypto risks into portions, thereby enabling market participants to invest in a variety of different assets.



Convergence Protocol (CONV)

Unlike most of the assets on this list, the Convergence Protocol is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) focusing on equalizing private assets in the DeFi space. Using a singular intuitive interface, Convergence blends private assets with other protocols. Consequently, it encourages asset holders to take advantage of DeFi liquidity. On the other end of the spectrum, users have the ability to access assets previously unavailable to them. 


Ongoing promotions

USDC Stellar Promotion

Discover everything about our USDC Stellar Promotion if you want your crypto journey to be…stellar! (see what we did there?) Join our Stellar USDC Promotion for a chance to earn 50 USDC by depositing 30 Stellar USDC. The secondary condition is that you maintain your Stellar USDC balance throughout the specified time. This promo ends on November 9, 2022, so let’s shift into high gear! 


Spoofing Warning Reminder

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