October 2023 Media Report

, November 6, 2023

Despite the cooler temperatures taking hold, October saw the company’s hot streak of media moments continue for another month of positive coverage. Between winning high-profile industry awards, the amplification of company announcements by trusted outlets, and sustained thought leadership, we’re working hard to keep the chill from setting in. And if the latest price reports are any indication, we’re not the only entity in the crypto space that’s been running hot. With BTC so far managing to sustain its October gains, it looks like we’re in good company.

Business Insider once again kicked off the month by naming CEX.IO among the “Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges” of October 2023. The ongoing recognition, and steady maintenance of our 4.45/5 rating, help encourage the buoyancy of our product excellence. This was quickly followed by CEX.IO being named “Best Cryptocurrency Platform in Europe” by the 2023 Digital Assets Awards. Hosted by the Digital Banker, CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, accepted the honor on behalf of the company at a digital ceremony on October 5th.

Our thought leadership footprint for the month also had an early start. CEX.IO’s Global MLRO and Head of Financial Crime, Mark Taylor, lent his expertise to Techopedia for a deep dive into the world of crypto scams. Providing an aerial view of the threat landscape alongside practical tips for keeping wealth and information safe, Mark emphasized the importance of remaining vigilant when transacting in the digital economy. Despite the design of “trustless” systems within the crypto space, bad actors can seek to exploit many aspects of the industry for their own gain.

CEX.IO Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, had the opportunity to weigh in on a similar topic during his first of four trips to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle. After discussing the potential hazards of working with questionable tokenized assets, Alex returned to discuss sustainable consensus mechanisms, working with regulators, and how Web3 companies can survive market downturns. In addition to having another grand slam month on Cointelegraph, Alex was quoted by Yahoo! Finance following the announcement of the company’s recent win at the 2023 Digital Assets Awards.

To top off an already eventful month, Digital Asset Research once again recognized CEX.IO as a “Vetted” exchange in their October 2023 Crypto Exchange Vetting Results. Much like our commitment to pursuing proper licenses, and working closely with regulators wherever possible, these regular check-ups help ensure we’re contributing positively to the crypto community. In fact, such collaboration is essential for working toward a digital economy that is safer, and more accessible for curious participants. It’s an honor to do our part.

Explore our October media highlights via the links below.

Business Insider: Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of October 2023

On October 1, arbiter of myriad financial spaces, Business Insider, reaffirmed our 4.45/5 rating, and once again included CEX.IO among the “Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges” of the month. The outlet’s review revisited the company’s ongoing commitment to centering the user experience, by offering tailored solutions for participants at every stage of their crypto journey.

Read the review in full here.

Techopedia: How to Identify Fake Cryptocurrency: Types of Scams & How to Spot Them

Also on October 1, Mark Taylor, CEX.IO’s Global MLRO and Head of Financial Crime, spoke with Techopedia about the different types of crypto scams, and how to avoid them. From Ponzi Schemes and phishing, to spotting fake exchanges and questionable Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Mark offered insight on how to stay vigilant while navigating the digital economy.

“‘That being said, participants are encouraged to find the tools and pathways they trust that map best onto their unique crypto journey,’ Taylor says.’While accrued knowledge and current, up-to-date information can help mitigate some level of risk, controlling for all outcomes is impossible. Therefore, it’s crucial those who choose to participate conduct ongoing risk assessments and stay on top of market movements to remain vigilant.’”

Cointelegraph: 12 crypto experts’ tips for companies working with tokenized assets

On October 3, CEX.IO’s Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, made his first trip to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle of the month, this time to discuss the hazards and benefits of working with tokenized assets. While automating tedious processes can have clear upsides, Alex juxtaposed tokenization with provenance in the art world to highlight the current gulf in ensuring authenticity on-chain. Until the digital asset class is airtight, Alex cautioned would-be participants to tread carefully with their real-world value.

“Similar to the art world, crypto should adopt the rigorous establishment of provenance to ensure an asset authentically corresponds to its stated origin. If digital representations are said to equal those of real-world significance, they should be held to the same standard. This will help ensure bad actors face steep barriers when attempting to circulate fraudulent assets and insulate the value of this nascent class.”

Digital Assets Awards: Best Cryptocurrency Platform in Europe

On October 5, CEX.IO was recognized as the “Best Cryptocurrency Platform in Europe” by the 2023 Digital Assets Awards. Hosted by The Digital Banker, the awards recognize excellence at providing best-in-class services across various financial verticals. CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, accepted the award on behalf of the company at the program’s online gala.

View a complete list of winners here, and Becky’s acceptance speech here.

Yahoo! FInance: CEX.IO Named ‘Best Cryptocurrency Platform in Europe’ By Digital Assets Awards

On October 10, the news of CEX.IO’s recent recognition by the 2023 Digital Assets Awards was picked up by Yahoo! Finance. Our CEO Alex was quoted expressing his gratitude to The Digital Banker for organizing the event, and to employees at every level for their hard work running a legacy crypto company. While pleased to receive the accolades, Alex noted how this event will serve to further catalyze the ongoing refinement of CEX.IO’s product ecosystem.

“‘It’s a true honor to receive this award among an increasingly crowded field of forward-thinking solutions,’ said Oleksandr Lutskevych, Founder and CEO of CEX.IO. ‘In accepting this recognition, we endeavor to let its inspiration fuel the ongoing refinement of our product ecosystem. While we appreciate the accolade, to achieve global crypto adoption, we can’t risk resting on our laurels.’”

Cointelegraph: 9 factors to consider when choosing a blockchain consensus mechanism

Also on October 10, Alex made his second trip of the month to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, this time to weigh in on what builders should consider when selecting a project’s consensus mechanism. Ever the visionary, Alex set his sights on whether enshrining ever-increasing energy requirements is consistent with crypto’s long-term goals. Alongside decentralization, scalability, and security, he argued sustainability should also be strongly considered.

“Something often overlooked by budding protocols is sustainability. Distinct from scalability, sustainability can encompass both the energy requirements of a solution and a community’s capacity to continue with its function. While some may think this is downstream of other, more prominent concerns, it’s worth considering how the exchange of value will be of any concern on an uninhabitable planet.”

Digital Asset Research: October 2023 Crypto Exchange Vetting Results

On October 17, CEX.IO was again recognized as a “Vetted” exchange by Digital Asset Research, in their October 2023 Crypto Exchange Vetting Results. Maintaining this distinction from such a credible arbiter of the space not only ratifies our hard work, but reinforces our commitment to providing trusted, above-board crypto access.

Read DAR’s complete methodology here.

Cointelegraph: Crypto leaders: 12 practical tips for effectively working with regulators

On October 19, Alex made his third trip to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, this time to discuss how crypto companies can collaborate with regulators to reach shared goals. Noting that officials are seeking to safeguard their regions from harm, Alex elaborated on how trust and transparency should guide these necessary efforts to protect participants.

“As a cousin of trust, transparency should be top of mind for companies seeking to collaborate and build strong foundations with regulators across any jurisdiction. These officials are in place to protect the safety and security of participants in their region. By offering direct and clear assistance toward that goal, crypto leaders can make sure understanding is sustained through mutual respect.”

Cointelegraph: Expert advice to help Web3 companies survive precarious economic times

On October 24, Alex made his fourth trip to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, continuing a trend of high-profile appearances for the third straight month. This time, Alex returned to discuss how fledgling Web3 enterprises can find purchase in an uncertain economic environment. Where many companies in the crypto space are established on the promise of future development, Alex encouraged tomorrow’s leaders to focus on offering proven utility when showcasing new projects.

“In an uncertain market, Web3 companies must have a defined purpose. Curious participants looking to expand their financial, social or cultural horizons through a novel service must first be convinced of its utility. Discussions of value aside, true innovation reshapes how users spend equally precious commodities: time and energy. To remain competitive, executing well is only half the battle.”

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