At the end of March, we launched a procedure to validate users’ email addresses and phone numbers. Our active users have already successfully confirmed their email addresses. Now they can enjoy a more streamlined notification process.

To finish our comprehensive user identification on the platform, we will soon ask all our customers to confirm their phone numbers. This will happen approximately at the beginning of July and will concern both web version as well as mobile app users.

Confirming Phone Number

The procedure will be similar to the one that dealt with email confirmations. When logging into their accounts, users will have three options:

  1. Input a phone number if it was not previously indicated and confirm it.
  2. Confirm the phone number that was previously associated with the account.
  3. Replace the previously provided phone number with a new one.

To confirm your phone number, you will need to submit the confirmation code you receive via a message or a call.

The whole procedure will take just a few minutes.

Number of Accounts

We would also like to remind our customers that our Terms of Use allows each customer to have one and only one account on the platform (this does not apply to corporate accounts). If you still have several accounts on CEX.IO, make sure to confirm your phone number for the verified account (if you have any) with a confirmed email address.

Please note that after phone number confirmation each account should be tied to a phone number, just like it is with email addresses now.

Actions to Take

Currently, you do not need to take any action. We just wanted to remind you that you will be asked to verify your phone number soon.

Keeping such information up-to-date is important for several reasons. We need to be confident that we have correct information about our users. On your side, adding your phone number will provide you with enhanced account security.  

Constantly working on the improvement of CEX.IO, we are always grateful for your loyalty.