We have recently made some changes to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can find the most significant of these changes below.

Updates to the Terms of Use

The primary change in our Terms of Use concerns storage fees and how we treat abandoned accounts.

We have clarified that the storage fee can be applied both to fiat and cryptocurrency balances if an account is recognized as abandoned. We may consider an account abandoned if you have not signed into it or have not deposited to our platform for over six months. A storage fee will also be applied to a cryptocurrency balance if we stop supporting the particular cryptocurrency.

If we recognize your account as abandoned or stop supporting a cryptocurrency you hold, you will receive a warning about the storage fee no later than seven days before it is charged. Also, if we change the storage fee or the way in which it is charged, we will give notice seven days before the change comes into effect.

The storage fee will be charged until your balance reaches zero or you claim the remaining funds. Storage fees that have already been charged cannot be refunded.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Identity confirmation

We may now ask you to provide video footage to prove your identity. We have also specified that we can use your personal data to contact you in order to enhance your account security. This may happen, for example, if we receive a request to disable 2FA on your account. In such a case, we may ask you to provide additional personal information to confirm it is you who has made the request.

Cookie use

We have also added a hint on how you can control the use of browser cookies. You can find instructions on managing cookie use for your browser below:

Deletion and correction of personal information

You can ask us to delete your personal and account information, correct inaccurate information, complete incomplete information, or restrict processing of information in some cases. To do so, send an email with your request to support@cex.io. We will comply with your request unless regulatory obligations prohibit us from doing so and respond to all requests within one month

By using our platform after these updates have taken effect, you agree to these changes. If you have any questions, contact our support team.