The Latest Updates on CEX.IO Service

, January 26, 2018

On behalf of CEX.IO team, we would like to share with you the latest updates made to improve the experience from using our exchange.

Customer Support Improvements

We have increased the number of support team members by 300%. Thereby, the department that is in charge of the trust and safety issues (e.g., account access, identity verification) has grown by 400%. The financial support team dealing with the customers’ funds issues (wires/transfers/cards) has tripled.

Thanks to your cooperation, namely, creating tickets using the application forms and staying away from submitting multiple requests, our backlog of tickets has decreased 6 times.

System Improvements

By using the RBF (Replace by Fee) feature, we managed to push the Bitcoin transactions which have been stuck in the memory pool for a long time. Apart from this, we have significantly improved the algorithm of transactions’ creation to prevent BTC transactions of our users from getting stuck in the memory pool in future. The ETH withdrawals from CEX.IO have been pushed as well.

Recently, we have enabled the support of the BCH new address format, which brings such competitive advantages as the distinction, case-insensitivity, and extensibility.

Update on Wire Transfers

The wire transfers in Euro (SEPA) are constantly working and being processed fast.

The situation is slightly different with USD and GBP wire transfers. First and foremost, we would like to emphasize that CEX.IO doesn’t use its own bank accounts for sending transfers to the clients. Instead, we are using the services of licensed financial institutions to transfer your funds. Currently, our partnering company is overloaded with requests. Therefore, we have decided to suspend this service so that your funds are not stuck in the banking system. We fully understand that it will cause certain inconvenience, but we do take care of the safety of your funds and cannot support inadequate processing timeframes.

We are monitoring the situation and are already considering 3 USD and GBP wire withdrawal solutions. Wire withdrawals in USD and GBP will be enabled as soon as we can provide the appropriate level of service. Meanwhile, we have decided to increase the withdrawal limits for transfers in EUR. The updated limits can be found in our Payment Options section.

Our Priorities

We at CEX.IO have set strict priorities for the company, which are as follows: security of users’ funds, performance, and customer support. These are directions we are working hard upon.

But even though we have increased the team, we are aware that our service doesn’t meet your expectations in full when it comes to the reaction’s speed. The unprecedented growth of the tickets has been continuing even after suspension of new registrations, and this doesn’t ease our work.

We still need time to teach the new team members and get back on track with processing your tickets and requests in a timely manner.

While we are joining our efforts and improving the service, we are extremely grateful to you for your understanding and loyalty. Please rest assured that all your funds and data are totally safe. The information that we are experiencing problems with liquidity, banks, or authorities, is entirely baseless.

We would also like to warn you about the suggestions to solve your payment or verification issues for money. Note that numerous scammers are offering their assistance in resolving the issue with a particular exchange for a payment, donation, or any other remuneration. Please be attentive and avoid falling into it and giving your funds to the third parties.

We welcome you to check out CEX.IO Status Page for real-time updates about the exchange’s operation, including partial system outages, planned maintenance, etc. On this page, you can also subscribe to the updates and be informed about the latest news.

Thank you for your loyalty and support. It means a lot to us, and we are committed to providing the best services to our clients.

With gratitude,

CEX.IO team




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