CEX.IO’s Position on the Possible SegWit2x Aims at the Customers’ Benefits

, October 17, 2017

Over the past period, there were a lot of news and rumors around the potential Bitcoin SegWit2x. Thus, we decided to update our customers and partners about the vision and future actions.

Concerning the upcoming shift, we want to stress that we welcome any developments that help our industry grow and get more trust all over the world. Every modification, every properly adapted improvement can boost people’s experiences. Even though there is no clear consensus about the potential fork in the crypto community, one thing we absolutely support is the advantages of the likely adjustments to our customers.

We believe our customers should not be put at risk or lose anything, no matter how the market evolves. As for now, we are still closely observing the ongoing transformations and considering the measures to take under the emerging conditions. Anyway, tracking the further development of the situation, we will take action to secure the profit and ensure the safety of our existing and future customers.

Currently, our team works on the technical side of every expected outcome, including the rejection of the protocol change. Whether we support the split or not, add new pairs for crypto trade or not, our existing customers will receive new coins if SegWit2x hard fork happens. We will inform you later about the payout details and the time when additional options will be available on CEX.IO.

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