September 2023 Media Blog

, October 3, 2023

Fall may have arrived but September offered all the trappings of summer with another hot month of thought leadership, positive reviews, and rising rankings. Firing on all cylinders, CEX.IO’s PR results reflected achievement at the company level, and individual expertise across much of the leadership team. Despite continuing to navigate the ups and downs of an evolving regulatory landscape, the focus remained fixed on providing timely, best-in-class information and access to the digital economy.

Business Insider was again the first accolade of the month with the renewal of its positive review, and 4.45/5 ranking of our award-winning product suite. To be recognized as one of the best available pathways in a crowded field of crypto solutions is a testament to the CEX.IO Team’s dedication and diligence. After nearly a decade of providing access to enthusiastic participants and the crypto curious alike, maintaining such a strong legacy is an honor all to itself. Barely a week later, Kaiko announced its Q3 2023 Exchange Ranking, where CEX.IO rose to #11, a growth of five positions. Not only was this the highest single jump of any company under review, the reputable outlet reaffirmed CEX.IO’s A-rating for another consecutive quarter.

Right on the heels of Kaiko’s praise, our Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, made his first of four trips to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle. Matching August in what could be a new average for monthly appearances, the first conversation centered on emerging proof-of-humanity solutions, of which Alex raised several concerns. To a lesser degree, Alex approached a subsequent discussion about trading bots with the caveat that here, moderation should be strongly considered. The other two features explored traditional finance’s evolving relationship with the crypto ecosystem, and what metrics banks and institutional investors should monitor when first entering the space. As a visionary known for building bridges between TradFi and the crypto ecosystem, Alex’s wisdom is backed by tenured experience.

CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, appeared on Cointelegraph in September for a pair of high-level discussions with fellow industry leaders facilitated by the outlet. In a follow up piece highlighting her Twitter Spaces Live event from August, some of Becky’s insights from the audio-only event were featured to unpack the recent cooling of the crypto trading landscape. Later, Becky returned to offer similar expertise on dips in the stablecoin market, and what in recent events could cause a rekindling of the public’s interest in the asset class.

Continuing our thought leadership pipeline on HackerNoon, CEX.IO’s Managing Director, U.K., Rich Evans, had a piece selected for publication exploring the top reasons to partner with a crypto platform-as-a-service (PaaS). With crypto and traditional finance growing increasingly close, it’s never been easier to integrate seamlessly with a fully-operational suite of award-winning products. Rich worked though the many scenarios where businesses could benefit from offering access, in the fashion of merchants opting to carry complementary goods for their clientele.

Lastly, CEX.IO announced the suspension of onboarding for new U.K.-based as the company works to comply with expanded FCA regulations. CEX.IO’s Head of Financial Crime, and the MLRO for the U.K. region, Mark Taylor, was quoted by Yahoo!Finance highlighting the strategic thinking behind the move, and how it aligns with the company’s ongoing commitment to centering the user experience.

Explore our September media highlights via the links below.

Business Insider: Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of September 2023

On September 1, arbiter of myriad financial spaces, Business Insider, reaffirmed our 4.45/5 rating, and once again included CEX.IO among the Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of the month. The outlet’s review revisited the company’s ongoing commitment to centering the user experience, by offering tailored solutions for participants at every stage of their crypto journey.

Read the review in full here.

Kaiko: Exchange Ranking Q3 2023

On September 7, CEX.IO rose to #11 on Kaiko’s Q3 2023 Exchange Ranking, and reaffirmed its A-rating from the leading arbiter of the space. This was a growth of five positions, and the largest single jump by any crypto exchange under review.

Review the updated ranking here.

Cointelegraph: 9 crypto leaders share advice for proof-of-humanity solution builders

Also on September 7, CEX.IO’s Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, made his first trip to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, this time to discuss caveats for proof-of-humanities builders. Recently, new developments are imagining links between basic, unalterable qualities in a person’s body, and their access to online services. Using history as a guide, Alex acknowledged the hazards of stockpiling biometric data, and was quick to highlight how such control breaks with crypto’s core principles.

“There’s a real question to answer when it comes to proof-of-humanity protocols: “Just because we can, does it mean we should?” History demonstrates, on a wide scale, the unwieldy nature of power. Not only is this a pivot from crypto’s tradition of eschewing institutionalized control, but collecting stockpiles of biometric data invites a scenario where it falls into the wrong hands.”

Cointelegraph: Crypto trading landscape: Insights from Bybit, CEX.IO, Huobi and GoodCrypto

On September 8, Cointelegraph published a follow-up piece reflecting on the high points from last month’s Twitter Spaces live event exploring the current and future crypto trading landscape. During the event, CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, elaborated on how increased regulation is key to global crypto adoption. Additionally, Becky emphasized the need for a big tent approach that prioritizes clearly defined parameters, and less techno-jargon.

“‘If we really want to welcome newcomers to space, we need to limit the jargon and techno-speak to show the possibilities that really exist in space,’ Sarwate said. ‘In our case, we teach people through the university within our platform, our leadership and values, which we’ve been nurturing throughout CEX.IO’s history.’”

HackerNoon: 5 Reasons to Integrate Your Business with a Crypto Platform

On September 12, CEX.IO’s Managing Director, U.K., Rich Evans, had a piece selected for publication on HackerNoon that unpacked the top reasons to partner with a crypto platform-as-a-service, or PaaS. Between customizable API, easy licensure on-ramps, and the diversity of crypto services, Rich elaborated on how customers and businesses could benefit from access to the crypto ecosystem.

“Reputable crypto companies are composed of experts and enthusiasts tasked with safely streamlining access to the digital economy. This helps ensure a high caliber of service, and fosters a professional environment that strives to anticipate customer needs. By maintaining a posture of self-reflection, responsible PaaS providers undergo near-constant refinement and innovation to meet and resolve change. That way, proprietors can more strategically apply their energy, and rest assured knowing a trusted crew is standing by if the waters get choppy.”

Cointelegraph: 11 Bitcoin blockchain metrics TradFi organizations should watch

On September 14, Alex made his second trip to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, this time to discuss Bitcoin blockchain metrics traditional financial companies should watch. Citing the rise of Ordinal Inscriptions on the Bitcoin network, Alex highlighted the shift toward transaction fees to supplement miner rewards. By adjusting the main source of revenue away from the competition for newly minted BTC, Alex argued we could see a greater diversity of services alongside diminishing energy requirements.

“Ever-increasing energy costs and future halving events are presenting compounding challenges for Bitcoin miners. However, the rise of Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens is positioning miner revenue from transaction fees to become a new key vector to consider when calculating network health. As Bitcoin diversifies to accommodate a service economy, there’s no telling what novel applications could arise.”

Cointelegraph: Stablecoin exodus: Why are investors fleeing crypto’s safe haven?

On September 22, Becky Sarwate participated in her second discussion with Cointelegraph of the month, this time offering insight into the current stablecoin landscape Citing the recent turbulence in the traditional banking sector, and high-profile collapses in the crypto ecosystem, Becky noted that the success of stablecoins is downstream of participant confidence. But between PayPal’s PYUSD stablecoin, and increased regulatory pressure, Becky highlighted some positive developments that could be taking shape.

“Sarwate noted that several projects experienced ‘noticeable fluctuations this year,’ with USDC, for example, depegging following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in March after it was revealed Circle had $3.3 billion stuck in the financial institution. She said this ‘likely set the table for Binance to pivot its holdings from the stablecoin into BTC and ETH.’ Sarwate added: ‘At the same time, USDC’s ubiquity in the DeFi space has long nudged other stablecoins like Dai to the periphery due to its overcollateralization requirements.’”

Cointelegraph: 10 crypto insiders share their advice for traders considering trading bots

On September 26, Alex made his third trip to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, this time to caution market participants from relinquishing too much control over their trades to bots. With the rise of AI-derived solutions and crypto trading bots, questions are being raised about the risks of automation. To that end, Alex urged participants to tailor expectations, and maintain constant touch points to ensure specified actions are being executed as intended. 

“As is noted in conversations around innovations in artificial intelligence, technology is always limited by its programming, and crypto participants would be wise to remember that. Therefore, when choosing to utilize trading bots, it’s imperative to tailor expectations and maintain constant touch points to ensure they’re carrying out actions as specified. Traders who opt to put their finances on autopilot tend to regret that flight path.”

Yahoo!Finance: CEX.IO Suspends Onboarding of New U.K.-based Clients to Meet Expanded FCA Regulations

On September 28, CEX.IO announced the suspension of onboarding for new U.K.-based clients amidst the looming expansion of FCA regulations. Mark Taylor, Head of Financial Crime, and the MLRO for the U.K. region, was quoted by Yahoo!Finance elaborating on CEX.IO’s ongoing commitment to offering above-board crypto services. In working to comply with updated requirements, Mark noted how this move comports with the company’s long standing effort to over secure pathways to the digital economy.

“‘While CEX.IO has spent 10 years safely advancing crypto access, this move reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to meeting global regulatory requirements,’ said Mark Taylor, CEX.IO’s Head of Financial Crime, and MLRO for the U.K. region. ‘Building and offering user-centric services has always been at the heart of our enterprise, and that includes taking the time to thoughtfully respond to a changing environment.’”

Cointelegraph: TradFi: 11 things to do when considering adding digital assets

Also on September 28, Alex made his fourth trip to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, continuing his new average for the second month in a row. This time, Alex lent his wisdom to curious participants in traditional finance looking to explore the crypto ecosystem. Citing the overwhelming number of available pathways, Alex asserted the importance of choosing a trusted partner with a proven record of success to avoid potential pitfalls.

“For traditional businesses seeking to extend their services into the digital economy, it’s worth considering that, unlike people, not all entry points to the ecosystem are created equal. First-time retailers want a guide who knows the terrain and has time-tested experience delivering trusted solutions. As banks and crypto continue to co-evolve, partners and technology should be chosen carefully.”

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