According to Clause 9.2. of  CEX.IO Terms of Use, each user is allowed to have no more than one account on the platform. Please note that the mentioned rule does not concern corporate accounts. In case you have several accounts on CEX.IO, consider the following information. It shows how you can withdraw funds to an external account or to concentrate your balances on a single account.

What Should I Do if I Have Several Accounts?

  1. Choose an account to keep
    We recommend to you to pick up already verified account as you will not be able to pass verification with the same documents for another account. If none of your accounts has been verified, we highly recommend you to pass the procedure within the shortest time for the best experience with CEX.IO.
  2. Check whether you have additional email addresses
    After you confirm main email address for the selected account, you cannot use it again. So, make sure that you still have other email addresses to use for the rest of accounts. It will be necessary to successfully withdraw funds from such accounts and later consolidate them within the chosen account.
  3. Decide what should happen with the funds on the rest of accounts
    You can withdraw the funds from your balance using a regular method or convert them in one currency and then withdraw it. To choose a more beneficial option, please check the related fees and learn how much time a transfer may take.
  4. Consolidate the available funds on a chosen account
    In case you decide to close the accounts except for the primary one, you need to withdraw funds from them. To consolidate your balances, you should withdraw the money first and then send them to the account you decided to keep. This is necessary as compliance and technical issues hinder transferring funds from one CEX.IO account to another one.
    To transfer your funds, you can choose any withdrawal method available on CEX.IO. For instance, sending Ripple and Stellar is fast and cheap, but you may still prefer to use another option. Please check all trade and withdrawal fees (both for trading and withdrawals) to make a thoughtful decision.

Important Information to Consider

  • You have insufficient funds for withdrawal or trading

If the amount of funds on your balance is smaller than the minimum amounts to trade or withdraw, consider their value and whether it is worth withdrawing. If you decide to do so, you can deposit additional funds to meet the minimal limits. Please note that CEX.IO employees are not able to send your funds between different accounts.

  • You have lost access to your account

If you cannot access your old account (forgotten credentials, lost 2FA keys, etc.) and cannot solve the issue on your own, we can be of assistance. Still, be ready that you will be asked to prove that you are an account owner.

  • What if I do nothing?

If you take no action, soon you will be unable to use the unconfirmed accounts, and after 6 months they will be recognized abandoned as per Clause 9.7 of current Terms of Use. In this case, storage fee will be applied until the balance is reduced to 0.