Announcing CEX.IO Trading Activity Contest

, January 15, 2020

As a cryptocurrency exchange, our goal is to maintain a vibrant market that our users want to participate in. An active market, where assets frequently change hands and funds flow, creates value for its participants by allowing them to reach their objectives quickly. 

At CEX.IO, we understand the importance of a healthy and thriving trading environment. It takes solid infrastructure, robust matching engine, diversity of payment instruments and multiple available digital assets. But we cannot do it alone without our active traders, those who make the pulse of the market and truly bring it to life. 

🏆 To celebrate our traders, we open up the Trading Activity Contest! You can win GBP-denominated prizes by actively trading on CEX.IO! The more transactions you make during the contest period, the higher the chance to win!  

💻 CEX.IO Trading Activity Contest

Over the course of 15 days, from January 16 to January 30,  the contest participants will trade any GBP pairs. Those with the most trades that fulfill the requirements will win the GBP-denominated prizes. 

😎 So if you are already putting a solid activity on the platform, why not get a reward for that?

✨ On the other hand, if you needed a sign to pay more attention to your trading regime and do more trades – here’s your sign! 

Why use the number of trades as winning criteria? By rewarding people for active trading, regardless of what their volumes or their results are, we want to acknowledge our market ninjas of all sizes! And, if it brings the snowball effect to some of the less active markets – we would not mind that either! So, if CEX.IO can be a part of your trading strategy, no matter what scale you are working on, you can be rewarded for your activity!  👊

We will publish the leaderboard of the transaction numbers daily, so you can see how you score among others. Big or small, you can win!  

💻 The Contest Requirements 

Here are the competition rules. Only participants and trades fulfilling all the requirements are eligible for the contest.

  • You must opt-in to participate. The link to the opt-in form is at the end of the post (do finish reading the rules first!). The opt-in is super simple – we only need your user ID to track the number of your trades and your nickname to maintain the leaderboard. 
  • All GBP pairs are eligible and you can trade on the exchange, buy/sell with credit or debit cards and bank transfers, use exchange function on mobile. 
  • You must have a trading activity on at least 5 days between January 16 and January 30.
  • The number of trades on each separate day cannot exceed 50% of your total trades for the contest period. In other words, you cannot put in a thousand trades on one day and do a couple per day after. It must be a reasonable activity, not a blatant trick to accumulate a number of trades in a short period.   
  • Each eligible trade must be at least 10 GBP in value. It’s fine if you need to make trades of a smaller size – they just will not be a part of the total count. This way someone really creative does not win by making a huge number of low-value transactions!
  • No more than 6 trades per minute are eligible to participate. I.e. 360 trades per hour is a maximum that’s going to be counted in (6 trades a minute * 60 minutes). You can work out a daily number (8,640).  The trades over that limit will not be counted in.

💻 Prizes 

  • 🏅 The prize fund of 500 GBP will be split among the top 10 leaders who fulfill the contest requirements; AND
  • 🏅 Another 500 GBP will be split among the first five leaders proportionately to their number of trades among the top five leaders!

So, say you came out 5th and, among the first 5 traders, your trades represent 5% of the total group number. That means you’ll get 75GBP (500GBP/10 + 500GBP*5%).

💻 How to participate

Simple! First of all, make sure you understand the rules and opt-in using the button below! Your trades will be counted from the latest, January 16th or the day you’ve opted in!

Opt-in here: 👇

💻 Go trade like a boss!

To be successful in anything requires discipline and practice. This contest is both. Now put your game face on and get to work, trader!  😎



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