As we have announced earlier, in the case of Bitcoin Gold fork, we would update our customers about the exact proportion for crediting new coin. Now, when the split took place, we are ready to provide more details about the ongoing change.

The Proportion

As it was previously claimed, CEX.IO will split the coins, and already on October 25, the users will be able to check the new coins on their account balances. The customers who had BTC at the moment of the hard fork will automatically receive the same amount of BTG coins.

Pairs Release

As for now, the full node client of BTG is still not released. We are waiting till the Bitcoin Gold development team releases the software. And we will test it to make sure that the transactions are safe. Only after the security is proven, we will add the following trading pairs on our platform:

  • BTG/GBP.

Later on, we will enable the deposits and withdrawals of the new coin.

In any case, there are no reasons for you to worry. We will make sure that your activities on our platform are safe.