View the 22 Winning Entries in our Christmas Creativity Contest

, January 26, 2023

In the twilight hours of 2022, we asked our community to flex their creative skills. We invited members to share original works of art that showcased their favorite crypto, or explored their love of decentralized finance. With a goal of unlimited expression, we gave you full artistic freedom to play in the medium of your choice, or experiment with emotional avenues outside your comfort zone.

We were overjoyed by the wide array of responses that arrived. From images of hand-drawn tableaux, to videographic triumphs, to a galaxy of memes that lit up the scoville scale from sweet to somewhat NSFW, it’s become clear that creative wells run deep in the CEX.IO ecosystem.

However, this event went beyond the ideal of art for art’s sake. With two different $1500 USDT prize pools on the line, we had the difficult task of ranking and rating each entry on our predetermined rubric.

Submissions considered for “Best Content” were rated on a 0-20 scale for Content Quality, and a 0-10 metric for Engagement Points, to arrive at a combined possible aggregate score out of 30. In this category, we awarded 11 users in total: first place received 500 USDT, while entries ranked 2-11 enjoyed 100 USDT each.

In turn, submissions considered for “Best Performance” were rated on different metrics. Each entry was first ranked on a 0-5 scale for both Content Quality and Engagement, and then on a 0-20 point scale for Referrals, to arrive at a combined, possible aggregate score of 30. For this category, we also awarded 11 users: first place received 500 USDT, with entries ranked 2-11 saw 100 USDT each.

After careful deliberation and some hard decisions, we’re thrilled to present the top entries for “Best Content” and “Best Performance” in our Christmas Creativity Contest. Refresh yourself on the rules at the link provided, and for full transparency, we’ve included point breakdowns below each category to demonstrate what set each entry apart. With that, it’s on to the galleries.

Best Content

  1. Holiday well-wishes…to the moon!


Like any good mixed media piece, this entry shows a deftness across multiple categories. By combining the exquisite timing and contour of a skilled eye with some light-hearted digital embellishments, this work captures the spirit and hope of a New Year in static motion.

  1. A good doodle goes a long way.


We develop our artistic chops with crayons or colored pencils, and there’s something to be said for keeping that ax sharp. The rich run of hues. The freedom and control of hand/eye coordination. The whimsy. This drawing also had our hands in the air.

  1. See? Another solid doodle.


What did we say about doodles? A celebration of pigment and paper. Unlike the entry above, the soft color scheme used here infuses the scene with a quiet stillness. And yet, a party rages on. The energy. The ebullience. Simply stunning.

  1. An altcoin by any other name…


One doesn’t need oils and brushes to paint a picture. A skilled wordsmyth can conjure the full breadth of human emotion with a few well-placed lines. Here, our budding bard takes rhyming couplets to task for a certain special token. To only be the object of such beauty.

  1. Piping hot illustration.


When not modeling real life or capturing the sublime, art should be arresting. Confrontational. It should explode from the screen. Pop off the page. We may not know BTC’s melting point, but clearly it can take some heat.

  1. Cheeky editing.


Collages. Sampling. Some of the greatest works of art contain existing images or elements. In the tradition of “good artists copy, great artists steal,” memes are just the latest iteration of a storied evolution. But it always helps to have good source material.

  1. Where does crypto come from…?


Depending on who you ask, art can be a gateway to understanding its creator’s lived experience. A window into the subconscious. A puzzle waiting to be arranged into meaning. Where Roland Barthes went to great lengths to bury the author, Freud had a field day. This would have sent them both reeling.

  1. Listen to the Big Man


Taking in the full expanse of earth on the back of a sleigh: who doesn’t enjoy a good view? And we’re not one to argue with the Man in Red. Although be careful: if he comes down the chimney asking for your wallet address, you better watch out.

  1. For your viewing pleasure


The memes flowed like eggnog this holiday season, which made this sleek video stand out like a red nose. Its pixelated production, festooned with the occasional garland, helped balance the clip’s informative content with holiday cheer.

  1. Good parenting advice


We won’t tell you how to craft your crypto journey. Or how to raise your children. But wouldn’t trading as a family give everyone something to HODL and cherish? We’re just thinking out loud here.

  1. What’s in the box?


When you’re little, getting gifts is the epitome of excitement. The rush and thrill of torn paper. The final reveal. After time, giving gifts takes on a whole new importance. But this one made us feel young again.

As promised, here’s a complete scoring rubric for recipients of “Best Content” prizes:

Link to post Winner’s username User ID Content
points (0-20)
1 Link @acsivrikaya up156994828 19 10 29
2 Link @JeXuS up151424381 20 8 28
3 Link @SuhealAhamad up149942136 18 6 24
4 Link @Samir Saleem up108019574 19 5 24
5 Link @TradeAnalysiz up104545866 18 5 23
6 Link @adewiner up156997157 17 5 22
7 Link @Renas34883745 up157847624 20 2 22
8 Link @9evolution9 up118599941 19 3 22
9 Link @Nogitsune1818 up157774847 17 5 22
10 Link @Samed_Mat_ up151415493 19 3 22
11 Link @Merve_ilmn up156972407 19 2 21

Creating clever, well-executed content wasn’t the only way users could notch a win. In the attention economy, capturing public appeal is a skill and artform all wrapped into one. If “Best Content” was about beauty and roses, “Best Performance” is all circuses and spectacle. Let’s check it out.

Best Performance

  1. Lights and music


When it came to performance, glitz and glamor led the pack. Complete with an exploratory synth-backed soundtrack, this short clip proved that power can come in all shapes and durations.

  1. Spirited conversation


If it’s not broken, why fix it? This classic format pulls at the innate human desire to mix spirited debate with dogged perseverance. To fight, knowing concession would be the greatest shame. But then again, some hills are worth dying on.

  1. Travel planning


In crypto, we imagine all the ways our funds can travel. To heights greater than those seen or experienced. So why shouldn’t our bodies find time to get away? This video’s throwback design and detailed information had us packing our bags.

  1. Turn up the heat


During a crypto winter, we all need ways to stay warm. Whether you’re cuddling up with your favorite toasty token, or looking for a new one to HODL, it’s turning the heat up that matters.

  1. Classic 4-panel


Crypto people see things differently. Living at the cusp of the future while the rest of the world slowly shows up. But please remember, we are not a replacement for natural wonder. If you’re seeing price charts on the literal horizon, it’s time to unplug.

  1. Marital bliss


Friends. Loved ones. We’re forever asking ourselves this timeless question: “What-are-they-thinking?” While it’s impossible to know, at least you can keep your crypto obsession on the down low.

  1. Where no boi has gone before…


As if pulled from the pages of a graphic novel, these panels paint a complete picture. Triumph. Betrayal. Promise. How or why they resonate defies reason; it’s impossible to drive to Mars, or the Moon for that matter. Sometimes, it’s just about the vibe.

  1. Keep it classy


Sometimes it pays to stay clean and concise. Deploy sparse illustrations. Embrace negative space. If this came in the mail, it might bring to mind a sophisticated sender. A good start to 2023 indeed.

  1. Practice the buddy system


Remember what we said about gift giving? Well sharing your end-of-the rainbow is the ultimate way to show affection. The buzz of action in the line work captures the warm glow of excitement that bubbles up when you first lay eyes on the prize.

  1. What’s in your wallet?


While Alex is more of a BTC guy, we can’t argue with the blue tones and contouring. The sharp outline provides a thin barrier for our Founder and CEO to emerge, as if from a fading geode. It may not be legal tender, but it’s definitely got heart.

  1. We light the way


Since 2013, we’ve aimed to be a guiding light in the crypto space. A trusted guide who helps others chart their own digital assets journeys. And much like the beam above, we won’t hesitate to meet you where you are. You captured us well.

As promised, here’s a complete scoring rubric for recipients of “Best Performance” prizes:

Link to post Winner’s username user ID Content quality
1 Link @Soldi_MAnn up148683892 5 6 20 31
2 Link @airdropekseni up151405378 5 10 15 30
3 Link @DilishDil1 up156977302 5 7 10 22
4 Link @JayashankaNisal up118965756 5 3 12 20
5 Link @GokhanAdana3 up157863363 5 4 10 19
6 Link @ilmin_ali up157845036 4 2 9 15
7 Link @dorcasjohn578 up157033923 4 3 8 15
8 Link @Blakangel22 up156971531 4 2 9 15
9 Link @Mustafa_ilmn up157857467 4 1 9 14
10 Link @thewurat up151417732 5 1 8 14
11 Link @kandearza up156902848 4 1 7 12

Congratulations to all our top entries, and a special thank you to all who participated in what we hope was a fun creative exploration. While it’s always great to win prizes, we’re thankful for the opportunity to share talents as a group, and use this space to connect as a global community.

And keep the artwork coming! We always love seeing the myriad ways crypto and decentralized finance impact our users across oceans and time zones. Let’s keep this energy alive in 2023, and may the markets bring plenty of cause for celebration.


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