Along with outstanding technology behind Bitcoin, it is extremely convenient for payments. More and more online and even physical stores all over the world start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, envisaging Bitcoin earnings as a successful investment. Moreover, Bitcoin is attractive for merchants due to impossibility of chargebacks. But why is Bitcoin useful for buyers and, actually, what can you buy with Bitcoins?

Why buy with Bitcoin

What is good about Bitcoin transactions is that they are instant and cost almost nothing, although can be made all over the world. All you need is access to the Internet and, as a matter of fact, Bitcoins. On contrary to, let’s say, PayPal or Western Union payment systems that charge excessive fees, Bitcoin transactions require no medium between sender and recipient, and thus, you do not need to pay to a third party for your transaction to be made. Instead, it will be publicly listed on blockchain, a unified ledger, but in an encrypted form, for you to remain anonymous. All in all, the only disadvantage of Bitcoin is the lack of its adoption, as the store you’d like to shop at may not accept cryptocurrencies. However, over the past years, lots of people and companies have been working hard to bring Bitcoin to the masses. As a result, merchants in various fields added Bitcoin as a payment instrument.

What Can you Buy with Bitcoins

There are lots of world-known companies that added Bitcoin as a payment option, among them Microsoft, Dell, Overstock, Expedia, Newegg, TigerDirect, AitBaltic, etc. Etsy, an online platform for selling handmade goods has enabled sellers to accept Bitcoins as well. If you are searching for physical goods that can be bought for Bitcoins, then you should check out that lists a worldwide database of respective Bitcoin-accepting establishments.

Pay for Services with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is also often used within freelance services, as usually, freelancers and employers are separated by thousands of miles, and thus, cheap worldwide payments are highly welcome. What can you buy with Bitcoins in terms of services? Online banner advertising, hosting, photo stocks and other services can be paid for in Bitcoin.

What you need to pay with Bitcoin

To pay with Bitcoins, all you need is a secure wallet and stable Internet connection. If you still have no Bitcoins, make sure you buy them on a reliable marketplace. CEX.IO is one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges providing the best experience of buying Bitcoins with a credit card and other payment instruments. The exchange also provides highly secure cold storage for cryptocurrencies, so that users can be sure that their crypto funds are safe. Try out buying and storing Bitcoins on CEX.IO and use them later to buy goods and services for Bitcoin.