Over the last 7 months, we were working on re-enabling a bank transfer payment option for our users. After thoroughly testing the service to guarantee the best experience, we’re ready to re-introduce this payment option and will reward users depositing fiat by bank transfer through August 31.

Wire transfers in USD, EUR, and GBP are now fully available for users with Verified, Verified Plus and Corporate accounts who are allowed to deposit and withdraw funds via wire transfer in their location.

Wire Deposits and Withdrawals on CEX.IO

On CEX.IO you can take advantage of fast and secure wire transfers for managing your funds. Please note that only users with Verified, Verified Plus, or Corporate accounts can deposit fiat via bank transfer. If your account type is still Basic and you would like to initiate a wire transfer, you will first need to verify your identity.

Deposits via Bank Transfer

On CEX.IO wire deposits in USD, EUR, and GBP are free. Even though payment processors take a commission for such payments, your CEX.IO account will be credited with the exact amount you send. You can also send us a proof of transfer to wire@cex.io to speed up speed up your deposit processing.

Please note that no charge applies to a deposit if the funds are credited to your account. However, sometimes deposits cannot be credited due to KYC/AML procedures or for other reasons. In such cases, the funds will be returned to your bank account minus the fee charged by the payment processor.

Wire Withdrawals on CEX.IO

You can also easily withdraw USD, EUR, and GBP by bank transfer. This option lets you withdraw funds directly to your bank account. You can check the commissions applied to this type of transfer in the Payment Options section.

Deposit Benefits

As wire deposits and withdrawals are fully available to CEX.IO users now, we have prepared a special offer for you. If you make a wire deposit by August 31, you will get a special bonus. Please note that you will get a bonus only for the first qualifying deposit that meets the requirements.

  • Users who deposit from 3,000 to 9,999 USD/EUR/GBP will get a bonus of 1% of the amount in the deposited currency.
  • Users who deposit over 10,000 USD/EUR/GBP will get a reduced 0% trading fee for 30 days.

As one of the few crypto exchanges that support fiat payments, we are making a special effort to enable our clients to move their funds efficiently. Re-introducing wire transfers on our platform, we hope to provide the best experience and most flexibility to our users for all their cryptocurrency needs.

Thank you for using CEX.IO! We are committed to improving our services and looking forward to you taking advantage of the reliable and fast wire transfers.