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Summer Bitcoin Conferences Digest 2017

, May 30, 2017

Summer is a hot time not only because of weather but also in terms of Bitcoin and blockchain conferences. Hereby, we present kind of a digest of the most interesting events in the industry, which we are pleased to partner with.

1. Blockchain Expo Berlin

When: 1-2 June, 2017

Where: Berlin, Germany


June 1-2nd, one of the leading blockchain conferences is going to take place in the heart of Germany — Berlin. Although the main focus of the panel discussions and keynotes will be on blockchain technology and implementation, the event will also cover the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence fields. The synergy of these ecosystems is a punch line of the Blockchain Expo Berlin and CEX.IO is proud to act as a partner of the event.

Track the news for the event via Twitter and the official website.

2. European Digital and Mobile Commerce Forum

When: 28 June, 2017

Where: Zurich, Switzerland


Zurich is about to welcome the European Digital and Mobile Commerce Forum on June, 28th. Representatives of such leading companies as MasterCard, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung, Hilton, Rakuten, Euroweb and others will gather at this event to discuss the future of digital commerce using cutting-edge technologies like the IoT and card-linking. If your business is related to online or offline commerce, you don’t want to miss this conference. In our turn, we are honoured to cooperate with the European Digital and Mobile Commerce Forum as a media partner.

More details of the event here.

3. Blockchains + Digital Currencies

When: 13 June, 2017

Where: New York, USA


June seems to be a busy month for blockchain fans. On June 13, the industry leaders will be welcoming guests at the conference in NYC. BlockchainsDigital Currencies is a meeting ground for individuals and companies that are willing to share the expertise and thoughts on the uptodate improvements and developments in the blockchain. Wellknown speakers from financial institutions and blockchain companies are about to present new directions and practical solutions within the sphere, as well as discuss the tech and regulatory problems associated with cryptocurrency market.

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4. Washington DC Blockchain Conference

When: 28 July, 2017

Where: Washington D.C., USA


“Always Dynamic, Always Evolving” — this is the motto of Washington DC Blockchain Conference. The event is about to gather the most powerful and influential players in finance, tech, government and business together to discuss the latest trends for distributed ledger technology and its application beyond Bitcoin. On July 28, 2017, you will have a chance to meet a lot of Blockchain innovators and make full use of business networking and competence sharing.

For 20% discount use the code CEXIO.

5. Silicon Valley Fintech Week

When: 1-6 August, 2017

Where: San Mateo, CA, USA


Fintech Week includes a series of events focused on financial services innovation and fintech advances. The events within Fintech Week take place in different locations, which is an undeniable advantage for our diverse audience. On 1-6 August Fintech Week will be hosted in Silicon Valley and include a number of conferences, meetups, workshops and a lot more activities in cooperation with fintech influencers. Fintech Week is a perfect place to make connections and become a part of the ever-evolving ecosystem.

6. New York Fintech Week

When: 21-25 August, 2017

Where: New York, USA


Good news for Fintech enthusiasts! Fintech Week is here to keep on.

This time the key event is taking place in New York on August 21-25. The attendees will be lucky to participate in a week-long content-rich event, covering a series of conferences and meetups dedicated to the most challenging issues within the Fintech ecosystem. Fintech Week New York will be welcoming heavyweight investors, bank reps, startuppers, consultants, academics and government officials to speak at niche conferences and take part in networking activity.

Don’t miss the event and register right now!

7. State of Digital Money 2017

When: 22 July, 2017

Where: Los Angeles, CA, USA


We can’t wait to announce that fintech events do not come to an end in June. July is expected to be no less important and impressive for the industry.

As early as July 22 the leaders and innovators of fintech industry will share their expertise on the future of blockchain and digital currency with everyone interested in the course of the State of Digital Money event in Los Angeles. The speakers are going to reveal overriding issues Fintech faces today and offer potential solutions through case studies and applications from enterprise companies.

The State of Money will include technology showcases, applications, interactive workshops and act as an exclusive business networking platform gathering high-level executives and stakeholders from the most reputable companies within the industry.

We look forward to welcoming you at the meeting of the conference!

Early Bird Tickets are available until June 22nd, and General Registration is available until the day of. 

8. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference Lagos, Nigeria 2017

When: 14-15 August, 2017

Where: Lagos, Nigeria


On August 14-15, Blockchain&Cryptocurrency Conference Lagos Nigeria 2017 will open up the floor for the leading experts to discuss the opportunities and challenges to making the Blockchain Technology a reality in Nigeria. The event is organised in partnership with Blockchain Nigeria Group, which works towards raising public knowledge and awareness about the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency potential within different industries. The Conference is set to cover the hottest topics associated with Blockchain implementation and digital currency acceptance by businesses and governments.

Registration is free! Buy Tickets to guarantee your access. Cryptocurrency payment options are enabled. Feel free to make further enquiries through the official page

9. CryptoFinancing London 2017

When: 7 July, 2017

Where: London, United Kingdom

The Blockchain technology has unlocked new opportunities for the digital community and stimulated the development of a new financial environment, centering around cryptocurrencies. CryptoFinancing 2017 is Europe’s first conference, which will look beyond general blockchain issues and increase focus on the emerging trend of crypto financing and investing through Initial Coin Offerings and Token Sales. The speakers from all over the world will talk about fundraising opportunities, investment strategies and models, as well as regulatory frameworks and the future of ICOs phenomenon.

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10. Let’s Talk Bitcoin

When: 26 July, 2017

Where: Shanghai, China

Do you believe that the future belongs to Bitcoin and Blockchain?

Then feel free to communicate your predictions and concerns with other bitcoin enthusiasts at Let’s Talk Bitcoin. Let’s Talk Bitcoin gathers all Bitcoin friends for a networking and discussion night full of cooperative activities and experience sharing. Guest speakers will be talking about the technology behind Bitcoin and how it is expected to transform money, business and the world all the way around. They will also bring up the pressing issues of innovative capital raising and Initial Coin Offering, as well as their role in the development of the Blockchain industry.

Find out more about the event and the speakers at the event page: Seats are limited!

11. ICO Hypethon

When: August 16-17, 2017

Where: St. Petersburg, Russia


We now live in the era of disruptive innovations that have revitalized the entire world. Revolutionary technologies like blockchain are becoming mainstream among businesses and give a boost to the new emerging economy based on decentralization.

CryptoFriends Hypethon is held to discuss the future prospects of the blockchain industry, the role of ICOs in the development of cryptocurrency markets and the current state of Bitcoin. However, it is not just the thing that makes CryptoFriends Hypethon unique. It also acts as a platform for 27 projects to attract the investors’ attention and win funding.

Stay tuned and come hang out!


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