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Blockchain Conferences Digest: Winter 2017/2018

, August 28, 2017

2018 is still far away, but the blockchain technology world is already preparing for the new conferences season. To let you find out about the top conferences and be the early birds who are able to buy tickets at a lower price, we are starting this digest already now.

1. London Blockchain Week 2018

When: January 19-26, 2018

Where: London, UK


The Blockchain technologies have taken a great step forward. It’s no longer an insight of how businesses would work in the future. The future is now!

If your interest is sparked by that idea, be sure to arrive at London Blockchain Week 2018. A three-day brainstorming session that aims to find new approaches related to Blockchain and decentralized ledger technologies follows the primary event. There you will have a chance to see dozens of the top Blockchain companies from all around the world and find out how the decentralized technologies are applied across all spheres. While, the last two days of the Week will cover more insightful Blockchain topics, such as scalability and Smart Contracts.

Be sure to proceed to the conference registration and get the tickets.

2. Marketplace Lending & Alternative Financing Summit 2017


When: December 3-5th, 2017

Where: Dana Point, CA, USA


The rapid growth of digital ecosystem unlocks new fields for innovation and improvement. Finances do not stay on the sidelines and become a perfect landscape for the adoption of advanced services and products to transform customer expectations and trends.

Marketplace Lending & Alternative Financing Summit 2017 is a meeting place for the leading players in the industry and the major source of innovative solutions and practices. The attendees will have a chance to network with the executives of financial and technology services organizations and share the ideas and concerns about the future of the financing and lending. The conference will embrace dialogue-driven panel discussions, hands-on workshops, and unique face-to-face meetings.

To request any information about the event or proceed to registration please contact the event planner

3. Cryptocurrency World Expo

When: December 1-2nd, 2017

Where: Warsaw, Poland


The cryptocurrency industry doesn’t stand still — it is expanding and advancing with each player entering the space. As of today, the ecosystem comprises hundreds of cryptocurrency-related businesses, like exchanges, brokers, mining providers, fintech startups. This growing proliferation alone suggests this is the time to get into the cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrency World Expo is a perfect place to address all points of interest.

Cryptocurrency World — Warsaw Summit 2017 is a comprehensive wide-reaching event dedicated to the most discussed issues of the cryptocurrency industry. It will shed light on cryptocurrency trading, legislative regulation, potential developments, ICO practices and many more.

4. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Con 2018

When: 22-24 February 2018

Where: Dallas, USA


This is one of the most comprehensive events that are to happen in the next year. Of course, the conference covers all the points regarding the future mining industry and the trading tendencies. But that’s not the reason for the event being called ‘comprehensive’. The reason for this adjective is a panel discussion considering the Blockchain technology. As you may know, it is much vaster than the concept of cryptocurrency. You will get to know all the potential cases where decentralized technologies can be applied. The Conference will give you an opportunity to have a new look on DAO implementation, learn more about the trend of 2017 – ICO, hear talks about DAPPS and even build your own Decentralized Application with the help of invited developers.

In summary, if you’re interested in cryptocurrency, blockchain and wish to know more about the way they are implemented into all kinds of spheres, the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Con 2018 is the best event for you to invite.

5. Blockchain&Bitcoin Conference Slovenia

When: December 12, 2017

Where: Ljubljana, Slovenia


The blockchain ecosystem is advancing as more startups and well-established firms integrate the technology underpinning Bitcoin into their day-to-day operation. Is blockchain technology so disruptive that it can transform virtually all industries? The speakers of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference have all the answers.
This time, the major blockchain event is heading towards Ljubljana, Slovenia. It will welcome the key influencers of the Slovenian Bitcoin and blockchain community and the world leading experts. They will discuss the opportunities and threats posed to cryptocurrency acceptance and blockchain implementation. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Slovenia will also be memorable because of a startup speech aimed at attracting the investors to the most prospective blockchain-related projects.
Entrance fee is charged. Tickets and registration are available on the conference website.

6. Annual Blockchain Middle East

When: 5-6 February 2018

Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


With Blockchain technology revolutionizing business practices in most countries around the world, it is ready to be unblocked in the Middle East. Given the potential impact of Blockchain on the key industries and its rapid adoption in various parts of the Middle East, it is necessary for entrepreneurs and government officials to focus on different Blockchain applications to enhance their operations.

In light of this, IQPC is organizing the 2nd Annual Blockchain Middle East Forum where the speakers will point at how to apply and integrate blockchain in the day-to-day operations to move the business forward, shed light on how to make Dubai the world’s first blockchain-powered government, etc. The Forum will also help you to network with the leading industry experts at the interactive exhibition and live demonstrations.

Check the agenda and the list of speakers at the website here

7. Blockchain2business

When: 5-6 February 2018

Where: Amsterdam


Blockchain technology has gained much attention recently. It is discussed from a variety of angles by the industry specialists; its applications are gradually implemented into the real world; the concept behind it finds new use cases. On February 5-6, the Blockchain2Business Conference is going to bring the ledger technology one step closer to disrupting the energy field. The discussion sessions will cover all main aspects of Blockchain implementation in the sphere of renewable energy, including the most promising applications, the transformation of the current business models, and real-case scenarios.

Learn how to join blockchain gurus and take part in interactive networking.

8. China Forex Expo

When: 8-9 December 2017

Where: Shenzhen, China


The foreign exchange market is much like the cryptocurrency market with its high liquidity, volatility, and profit potential. It keeps involving more participants and growing steadily. So far, China holds the leading market position, and it is not surprising that more investors and traders are eager to get on board. China Forex Expo takes place to gather key market players and professional traders from different countries at a two-day event, where they will reveal insights on the current Forex market situation and share expert advice on how to encourage the flow of investment and grow your business in China. If you want to join a grant gathering of industry master-minds and build your network, visit the official website and proceed to registration via

9. Bitcoin Super Conference

When: February 16-18, 2017

Where: Dallas, Texas


We are now living in the era of cryptocurrency, and the words like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins are becoming household. Cryptocurrency offers profitable investment opportunities not only for prominent capitalists but also for ordinary people who are just willing to get into the crypto world.

The Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain SuperConference is the right event for those who are willing to see where the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is heading. This three-day conference will cover general sessions, ‘beginners track’ course, hackathon, and exhibition. The headline speakers will help you to understand the revolutionary industry quickly and to gain insight into the most profitable ways to invest in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

You can purchase your tickets directly from the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain SuperConference website.


When: December 4-5, 2017

Where: Bogotá


The general public usually associates Bitcoin with just another form of digital money used by a limited number of people as a payment method. But cryptocurrency and Bitcoin itself go far beyond this concept. Cryptocurrency serves as a perfect medium to achieve financial independence for people from less economically advanced countries and ensures easy access to investment for ordinary consumers.

Latin America offers a promising market for cryptocurrencies, and LABITCONF will prove it on December 4-5. Over 50 top-level international speakers, including blockchain developers, startup founders, and expert investors, will give talks on the potential and opportunities of blockchain technology in various sectors of Latin America that will make it a unique experience for the community.

11. The Blockchain Event

When: 15-16 February 2017

Where: Fort Lauderdale, FL


The blockchain is not only the technology that powers Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but also a groundbreaking innovation that is reshaping multiple industries by applying a different approach to secure data storage and transparent transaction record keeping. The unique opportunities offered by blockchain-based projects and solutions are widely recognized among investors, regulators and business professionals.

The Blockchain Event is held with the express purpose of raising awareness on the disruptive blockchain technology and the ecosystem around it. A particular focus will be put on the emerging ICO trend, covering issues related to ICO regulation, policy and future prospects.

To view a detailed agenda and book a conference pass, proceed to the official page of the Blockchain event by

12. Cooperation Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta

When: December 7, 2017

Where: Malta


We live in a fast-paced world where innovations create new solutions for social development and add value to various business operations. One of the top innovations that has been disrupting businesses for several years now is Blockchain.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta is the latest in a series of events organized by Smile-Expo, who has dozens of successfully held blockchain events under its belt. This time Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference will place a greater focus on the expert opinion of senior government officials and legislators as to the regulation of the blockchain field. However, the scope of topics brought up to the public is not limited to the legal context only. All those interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency will have a chance to learn more about viable blockchain applications, opportunities for investment in digital assets, ICO phenomenon, and many more.

Further details are available on the event website.

13. Inside Fintech Conference & Expo

When: November 30-December 1, 2017

Where: Seoul(Goyang), South Korea


FinTech industry is certainly on the rise now, and the leading financial experts around the world are closely watching for its developments. It has already brought in a revolutionary concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency, but other advancements are still to come.

Inside Fintech Conference & Expo is held to introduce blockchain and other financial technology solutions and explore their impact on the global economy. The event will bring together the most prominent speakers who will outline the opportunities and challenges of FinTech industry, explain how blockchain can work together with other breakthrough technologies, and introduce new strategies and paradigms for financial services.

Register now to attend the groundbreaking event dedicated to the new era of finances at

14. North American Crypto Currency Conference

When: December 9, 2017

Where: Las Vegas, USA


We already know, how Blockchain and cryptocurrencies will revolutionize the major industries around the globe. But how are these innovations changing the lives of common users?

North American Crypto Currency Conference (NAC3) invites cryptocurrency enthusiasts to join the informal event where people from all walks of life will share their crypto experience and may even reveal their formulas for success. As an attendee, you will have a chance to develop relationships with famous cryptocurrency experts and YouTube legends who are open to giving their professional advice on any issue of your interest.

NAC3 is an advantageous event for both crypto gurus and newbies as it claims to become an influential nexus of the crypto community. Buy tickets and become a part of the experience via

15. Blockchain & Bitcoin conference Gibraltar

When: February 8, 2018

Where: Gibraltar


You are certainly familiar with Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, which is a series of events held globally in order to discuss ways of implementing revolutionary technologies in the business environment. This time the event is bound for Gibraltar.

As usually, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference promises to be lively and interesting. The topics to be covered include:

  • Cryptocurrencies and the ecosystem around them;
  • Blockchain solutions for businesses;
  • ICO prospects.

The event is welcoming all crypto-curious attendees, be they entrepreneurs, investors, developers or just people seeking professional advice. Besides speakers’ presentations, guests will be able to enjoy a range of other interesting activities. One of them is an exhibition of blockchain innovations.

More event details can be found on the official website. Register now to keep up to date with the news

 16. DUBAI FX, Crypto Currency & ICO Conference & Expo

When: 16-17 February 2018

Where: Dubai


With the rise of cryptocurrency, the community has entered into the new age of trading and investment. Every day this exciting space attracts more players represented by blockchain solution providers, cryptocurrency brokerages and exchanges, ICOs, and regular cryptocurrency holders and traders. Still, many community members are ill-informed about the emerging cryptocurrency market and need much educating.

Dubai FX, Cryptocurrency and ICO Conference&Expo aims to give an insight into the sphere and provide comprehensive B2B/B2C experience. People involved in the cryptocurrency industry will reveal their expert opinions on the pace of the industry developments and share their professional advice with the visitors.

Get the chance to benefit from excellent networking at the major cryptocurrency event by visiting

17. FinTech Dubai Conference & Exhibition

When: January 24, 2018

Where: Dubai, UAE


Modern financial system is closely related to technology and innovation, which actually resulted in the emergence of a new revolutionary industry – FinTech. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are now perceived as integral concepts prevailing in FinTech. This is evidenced by an ever-growing number of blockchain-related startups entering the industry and institutions accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment.

FinTech Dubai Conference & Exhibition opens up a new opportunity for the visitors to step into the discussion about alternative finance, emerging innovations, investment prospects and, of course, cryptocurrencies. The speakers from different countries will come to Dubai with the clear purpose of sharing their expert advice and professional experience as well as networking with co-thinkers.

Join other participants and register for the conference in order not to miss the opportunity to network, demonstrate and learn at FinTech Dubai Conference & Exhibition

18. Crypto Invest Forum

When: December 15, 2017

Where: Moscow


Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts consider Bitcoin and Altcoins a profitable investment and hold them in the hope of substantial return. Such approach to investment is difficult to ignore because in as little as one year Bitcoin made a 15-fold increase in price, while Ether beat them all and surged from $8 to more than $420.

Crypto Invest Forum welcomes the financial industry players to become a part of the largest event dedicated to cryptocurrency. The speakers will put a special focus on the prospects for institutional and private investment in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, mining opportunities, ICO initiation and regulation of the digital currency market.

If you are interested in cryptocurrency investments, proceed to the registration and enjoy professional advice at Crypto Invest Forum.

19.  Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in India

When: 22 February 2018

Where: Bengaluru, India

Info: //

As Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain take up positions within new industries, people are becoming more interested in the overall concept. This substantially contributes to the rapid development of the ecosystem and triggers the implementation of innovations into everyday life.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is a globally held event aimed at promoting awareness of the new cryptocurrency economy and blockchain technology. On February 22, the major Bitcoin and Blockchain event is laying a course for Bengaluru, India. The leading cryptocurrency and blockchain experts will speak on popular blockchain trends, FinTech industry transformation, ICO flourishing, and regulation. The event will traditionally include an exhibition as well as showcasing innovative blockchain products and solutions.

Want to join the global cryptocurrency community? Go to registration and buy a ticket for the event

20. Infopartnership with Сongress

When: February 2, 2018

Where: Chicago, USA


Too many Blockchain conferences held recently? Probably. And International Blockchain Congress 2018 is certainly worth sharing as well. Why?

  • 5 continents

  • 15 countries

  • More than 50 speakers

  • Dozens of unique discussion subjects, such as Blockchain Economy in 2030, Bitcoin futures, Blockchain in healthcare, insurance and real estate, tokenization of things, future of mining (POW vs. POS), benefits of smart contracts, future of global payments and a lot more.

Don’t miss this full daylong event that will take place on February 9th, in Chicago. Meet the speakers from all over the world and be in step with the innovation.

If you need more detailed information, be sure to visit the official webpage

21. World Exchange Congress

When: February 27-28, 2018

Where: Muscat, Oman


The long-awaited World Exchange Congress for the cryptocurrency exchange industry is just around the corner. This is a unique annual gathering of top executives and senior representatives of the leading exchanges and trading platforms. This year the event is expected to join more than 300 attendees and over 90 speakers, sharing their thoughts and predictions for the industry development and its global perspectives.

The event will feature three content streams covering solutions and strategies for revenue generation, technology implementation, as well as clearing and settlement issues.

The 2018 World Exchange Congress is also valuable as a high-profile networking venue where business leaders can establish new partnerships and find new prospects.

Be sure to learn about new business solutions and engage with your key customers at the world’s biggest event for the exchange community. Register here

22. Blockchain summit 2018

When: February 23, 2018

Where: Pune, India


Though Blockchain is revolutionary technology that can be applied in many industries, it is still more closely related to the financial sector. Exchanges, brokers, banks and other financial institutions are gradually shifting to the blockchain-based systems to make use of a shared and trusted ledger.

Blockchain Summit Pune will prove you that Blockchain technology goes beyond digital money. The event is expected to gather the technology gurus, regulators and researchers to break new ground for the financial innovation, backed by Blockchain.

Be there if you are interested in FinTech and want to be involved in shaping the future of finances. Book your tickets here

23. NAC3, The North American Crypto Currency Conference

When: February 24-25, 2018

Where: New York City, USA


North American CryptoCurrency Conference is again welcoming all Bitcoin and Blockchain enthusiasts to spend time with crypto legends and learn more about the latest trends in the industry. No matter if you are a tech-savvy expert or a newbie, the event will be educational and informative for both.

The speakers will focus on a number of hot topics – decentralized exchanges, smart contract technology, legislation vs. bitcoin, and many more. While the attendees will have a chance to meet the most ‘followed’ YouTubers like David Hay, Rob Paone, Ivan Leon and watch them onstage, or even ask for some trading advice face to face.

Why attend NAC3? Because it is a good place to network with the key Blockchain pros and become part of the crypto family. Register now


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