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Ethereum Network Overload

, December 8, 2017

Currently, Ethereum memory pool is experiencing very high load due to the launch of a new CryptoKitties app. An Ethereum-based app uses the tokens to trade digital cats. It has gained extreme popularity among the users and led to the congestion of the blockchain. As a result, we are stuck with processing the transactions due to the issues on Ethereum blockchain.

What About Pushing Transactions?

Despite what some users think, increasing gas price won’t guarantee pushing of the transactions. On the contrary, it might lead to an even more significant overload of the memory pool.

Transactions Processing

ETH transactions processing will be resumed as soon as the network load reduces. We hope that we will turn back to normal operations within the nearest time as soon as we ensure everything flows smoothly. Still, we expect the systematic decision that will lead to the reduction of the load the network is facing now and might experience in the future.

Ethereum Trading

ETH trading is, nevertheless, available on CEX.IO. We welcome our users to trade until the problem with the network is solved, so we can safely finish all ETH deposit/withdrawal transactions.

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