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Blockchain Conferences to Visit in Summer 2018

, May 8, 2018

The heat of the summer is approaching, and so do the hottest blockchain events. This summer you can visit one of the upcoming blockchain events to learn about new tendencies and gain insights about technological advances in the sphere. We offer you a list of events that will take place soon. Choose some of interest to you to keep up with the latest trends.

1. Blockchain International Show

When: June 6-7, 2018

Where: London, the UK


Day by day the cryptocurrency ecosystem is growing in response to emerging blockchain solutions, mining projects and ICOs. This positively influences the market dynamics for cryptocurrencies and contributes to the development of Tokenomics (a new form of economy).

Blockchain International Show London is a two-day event where the top-level experts will meet and share their knowledge about financial and regulatory concerns, development trends and evolution of ICOs. The speakers will also present case studies, point out typical mistakes in token investing and reveal insights into the future of global finance. As attendees, you will benefit from networking breaks and exhibition area with the latest solutions.

Get your ticket now at

 2. Blockchain Investment Technology Conference Middle East

When: June 25, 2018

Where: Dubai, UAE


The Blockchain Investment Technology Conference is the largest event of its kind in the region. Organized by AEBICON Group, BITConMe brings together over 1200 attendees across the globe and is deemed as the only event in the region which focuses primarily on Case-study-driven presentations highlighting Ongoing and Upcoming Blockchain powered projects.

The event has been set in place strategically to accommodate more Institutional and Individual Investors from the Middle East with the addition of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Lebanon joining our pool of Blockchain Investors.

Dubai’s ‘Blockchain Strategy 2020’, also sends a clear statement that even government entities now see value in the adoption of Blockchain Technology as the Middle East continues to gain steady momentum in the widespread adoption of the Technology.

Participants of the Blockchain Investment Technology Conference Middle East (BITconME) will experience a unique event platform where they listen to experts from leading Blockchain companies around the globe and get rewarded with numerous business development and investment opportunities. To join the event, visit

3. CryptoBlockCon

When: August 14-15, 2018

Where: New York, USA


So far the key implementators of blockchain are businesses. This is mainly because businesses suffer from bitter rivalry, and innovation helps them gain a competitive edge.

CryptoBlockCon is the event that brings blockchain, the biggest innovation of the last decade, to public notice. Speakers will talk about major business areas that are to be impacted by blockchain in the coming years; advise on how to embrace the technology to streamline your business operations and debate on whether blockchain is truly a disruptor for most industries.

Register now and take the opportunity of joining the event where great crypto minds unite

4. Blockercon

When: June 7, 2018

Where: Bristol, UK

Such phenomenon as blockchain technology isn’t now a surprise. Once its potential was unleashed, it has become rather widespread and often discussed by people. It is now capturing the world steadily and restructuring industries at full pace. So, this is what Blockercon will be about.

It will be devoted to the topics related to blockchain itself and how it influences the world on the whole. These two days will be full of various presentations, valuable networking and opportunities for your business.

You have a great chance to meet a universal team of blockchain speakers, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors and gain much knowledge and inspiration. No matter if you’re an expert in the cryptocurrency industry or just a beginner, Blockercon is the event to visit.


5. Blockchain Summit

When: July 26, 2018

Where: Hong Kong


Though being transformed many times since its inception, the fiat money held a dominant position in the economy for a long period of time. Now the pattern has changed and the global community is verging towards a new decentralized economy powered by blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Summit will cover all burning issues facing blockchain based industries nowadays. Among the topics under discussion are blockchain and emerging applications, smart contacts implementation, crowdfunding and ICOs, the regulatory framework for decentralized ledger technologies, and more. The event is expected to gather representatives of various industrial sectors and prominent blockchain experts that will talk on the subject and share their expertise with all comers.

Make sure to book the ticket and delve into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency with Blockchain Summit

6. Blockchain in Shared Services

When: June 28, 2018

Where: Dallas, TX


Probably everyone has already heard about blockchain. But not all the people have a clear notion of what it is exactly. The term is usually used to define a decentralized technology underlying cryptocurrency. But blockchain is far more than that.

The forthcoming event, Blockchain in Shared Services, will focus on how decentralized technologies transform the vision and basics of business in whole. You will listen to the representatives of large corporations, such as IBM, Bank of America, Sapient Consulting etc, about what this crypto system can bring to the shared services industry, and how to overcome the obstacles to wider blockchain application. The latest trends in regulatory framework won’t be ignored as well.

Still wondering how blockchain can benefit industries, visit the conference and gain a better insight into the subject

7. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Georgia

When: June 20, 2018

Where: Tbilisi, Georgia


Bitcoin and Blockchain technology were invented almost 10 years ago. And shortly after the inception they began challenging the traditional payment systems and Bitcoin was considered a new alternative to money.

Blockchain&Bitcoin Conference is the key event devoted to Bitcoin and blockchain technology aiming to give you a clear notion of financial and legal frameworks in the crypto industry. The conference will cover aspects of mining, prospects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and offer case studies on blockchain implementation in business.

You will learn about cryptocurrency investments from economists, get legal advice from lawyers and hear how to increase the effectiveness of ICO from consultants.

On top of this, business owners will have an opportunity to establish valuable contacts, find partners and even attract new customers.

Get the ticket here

8. London Fintech Week

When: July 6-13, 2018

Where: London UK


London Fintech Week has been a leading event in the field of financial innovations for 5 years already. It’s coming back in July 2018.

Fintech Week is known for outstanding meetups, demonstrations, conferences, and workshops. The event is to gather delegates representing the leading financial services companies, administrations and multinationals, and emphasize the burning issues that challenge the world of Fintech now. This is really an international event, where you will get financial advice and expertise from thought leaders and main influencers. You will have a chance to communicate with innovators, fintech business owners, and establish strategic partnerships.

Stay tuned to the world of innovation with London Fintech Week

9. Blockchain Washington D.C.

When: July 26-27, 2018

Where: Washington D.C.


The major blockchain event is heading to Washington and will be held there for two days. The aim is to gather venture capitalists, start-ups, leaders from financial, technical, and governmental organizations, and talk over innovative blockchain solutions and applications.

With the Blockchain Washington D.C. conference, you will learn about the latest trends in the industry right from the decision makers. You will meet a lot of blockchain experts and find out how decentralized technologies influence financial services, along with the media, logistics, charity, and government. Special focus will be put on ICOs, government regulation and blockchain innovations.

The event is a perfect networking platform where you can talk to developers, entrepreneurs, decision makers and get valuable advice. So, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the always dynamic and evolving event, book the tickets now

10. Fintech Week New York

When: July 31 – August 2, 2018

Where: New York, NY


The Fintech Week is here again to rock New York. It will feature three conferences and each of them will cover particular topics. ‘Fintech Disruptors’ will focus on latest trends in Fintech. ‘Blockchain Innovators’ will give you a great chance to listen to thought leaders and gain valuable advice. And ‘FinPitch’ will help you grasp the knowledge on potential disruptors in the industry.

You will have an opportunity to learn more about innovations and developments in the field of payment services, investment, regulation, insurance and many more.

Make no doubt about visiting the Fintech Week – be sure to spend quality time at the major event related to financial innovations

11. Blockchain Seattle

When: August 21, 2018

Where: Seattle, WA


Seattle is welcoming the Blockchain Conference! The event will bring together senior professionals in the sphere of finance, technology, administration and business to talk about blockchain innovations.

Presented in a series of keynotes as well as interactive panels, the conference will cover topics related to the current blockchain trends, their drawbacks and innovative features. The speakers are also going to shed the light on the role of regulation and venture initiatives for the future of blockchain.

Don’t miss a great opportunity to hear about the latest news in the industry, meet decision makers from financial institutions, non-profits, and governmental organizations, as well as extend business contacts. For further details, please contact the official representatives of the conference here

12. FTW Silicon Valley

When: August 13-15, 2018

Where: South San Francisco, USA


San Francisco is ready to host the 2nd Annual Fintech Week! And a lot of interesting, vital issues related to the world of financial innovation are to be discussed.

In the form of panels and keynote discussions, the conference will be devoted to the basics of blockchain technology and emerging trends in Fintech. Industry leaders will talk about the legal challenges, opportunities and how to use blockchain in real life. Financial experts will reveal the economic impacts as well as the importance of regulatory framework for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. And the key influencers will explore innovative applications and global trends in the industry.

Be sure to visit this event to get the most up-to-date news and grasp the essential knowledge from the honored representatives. To learn more, contact the organizer

13. Blockchain: Rethink Trust

When: June 29, 2018

Where: Amsterdam


The most significant and expected blockchain engineering event is heading to Amsterdam. With Blockchain: Rethink Trust you will have a great opportunity to discuss issues that are usually not covered at traditional blockchain conferences.

What will you learn if visit this event? The conference attendees will share their knowledge about which industries could be improved by blockchain technology, and what technical difficulties the companies are facing now. Also, you will know how to adopt the existing tech expertise in the real world and what the future holds for decentralized ledger technology.

Don’t hesitate to contact the organizers for more details,

14. Blockchain Summit 2018

When: August 22, 2018

Where: New York


With each passing day, blockchain is becoming more widespread among industries and almost every innovative startup is utilizing this technology. Blockchain Summit New York is held to discuss ever-widening applications of the decentralized ledger technology and introduce the emerging phenomenon to the general public.

The Summit will gather the speakers from all over the world. These prominent entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, regulators, blockchain and crypto enthusiasts will consider the implementation of technology in various industrial sectors, new business strategies, and legal frameworks for blockchain to operate upon. This event will also comprise networking sessions, where you will have a great opportunity to discuss fundamental issues the organizations face today and how these issues can be solved using blockchain.

Never miss the key event for FinTech industry and book the tickets for Blockchain Summit New York here

15. Blockchain Summit 2018

When: August 23, 2018

Where: Boston, US


Nowadays, blockchain technology is quite widespread and implemented in such spheres as logistics, healthcare, fintech, energy, music, supply chain management and others. Accordingly, this technology is expected to significantly affect many other businesses. So, it’s vital for investors and entrepreneurs to apply comprehensive business strategies, as well as set up the appropriate infrastructure.

Blockchain Summit Boston is just the right event to visit if you want to know all the intricacies of adopting blockchain in your business. Professional speakers will talk about challenges any entrepreneur might face, opportunities that blockchain brings, the rise of tokenization and digital asset marketplaces, and present a number of use cases. The event will also act as a great venue for networking and cooperation.

Don’t hesitate to contact the organizers and book the tickets right now

16. Mauritius Blockchain Conference

When: August 13, 2018

Where: Mauritius, East Africa


Mauritius is considered a friendly country for starting business and incentivizing innovation. No wonder, it’s striving to boost blockchain development effort by attracting investors and entrepreneurs. In August 2018 Mauritius will be hosting the industry-specific forum that is going to gather experts from the leading blockchain companies.
Blockchain Forum Mauritius will be welcoming startups, investors, economic organizations, technology leaders and policymakers to talk about blockchain solutions, advances in the world of cryptocurrencies, emerging token markets and legal framework that is to be introduced for the latest technologies.
Don’t miss your chance to network with front-line players, build contacts, and learn about innovations that will have the potential to push the financial services industry one step further.
Feel free to contact the official representatives of Blockchain Forum Mauritius here

17. BlockСhance Сonference 2018

When: August 24-25, 2018

Where: Hamburg, Germany


The blockchain industry is developing at a rapid pace, as decentralized technologies start penetrating into virtually all spheres of our everyday life. Blockchain has begun to expand into mass media, healthcare, data distribution, energy supply, and many more to follow.

BlockChance acts as a meeting place for renowned experts, who are to share knowledge and give practical advice on implementing blockchain and cryptocurrencies in business. The conference aims at gathering innovators, developers, corporate officials, and regular users for exciting lectures, panel debates, breakout sessions, expos and networking breaks.

Don’t miss out on such an occasion! Contact the event representatives here


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