You can spend summer with benefits for your understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Learn about the innovations and developments in the sphere by joining the events bringing specialists, enthusiasts, and everyone interested in the blockchain technology together to share experience and collect new insights.

  • CybSec and Blockchain Health

When: July 11-12, 2019

Where: London, the UK


Nowadays cybersecurity is what bothers companies across different industries. Cyber specialists work on numerous efficient solutions to mitigate the risk of data breaches and thefts. Blockchain is one such solution.

As the name suggests, Cybsec & Blockchain Health focuses on the use of decentralized technologies in the health sector. You will have a great chance to hear from the top executives of both blockchain and healthcare companies about new cybersecurity strategies, and learn about new blockchain initiatives in the industry.

At the conference, you will also be able to join the networking events and build contacts with the representatives of health service businesses.

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  • BizzPay 7.0 – European Corporate and Retail Payments Forum

When: June 13-14, 2019

Where: Barcelona, Spain


The upcoming payments forum is going to take experts from diverse industries to Barcelona. The conference will shed light on the benefits of instant payments and GPI services for both banks and customers. Also, the visitors will have a chance to hear about blockchain technology, and how it is transforming the way global payments are made.

The event includes interactive sessions, where you can discuss the industry issues, ask questions, and share ideas on the hottest trends in the payment sphere.

Additionally, there will be a good opportunity for networking, building useful contacts, and asking for expert advice.

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  • 5th Annual Credit Risk Management Forum

When: June 6-7, 2019

Where: Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Credit risk management is one of the key business processes, and at the same time, a major challenge for many companies. This is a central topic of the 5th Annual Forum. The speakers will spread the latest news on risk management trends, comment on upcoming regulations, and introduce actionable strategies. The visitors will be able to attend various panel discussions, showcases and experts debates.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to join networking sessions, where attendees will be sharing their insights and building contacts with the leading experts.

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  • Token Fest Tel Aviv

When: June 3-4, 2019

Where: Tel Aviv, Israel


The cryptocurrency market is gradually expanding as new promising tokens get into circulation. As of today, the industry boasts over 2,000 crypto coins, with each fighting its way to the top. Most of these tokens came into existence through ICOs. Despite its revolutionary nature, 80% of ICOs fail. So, is there any way for token crowdfunding to consolidate itself in the industry? Will we see the token-based economy prosper? And what obstacles should the crypto industry overcome to finally enjoy mass adoption?

The speakers of Token Fest have all the answers off pat. The event will gather over 150 experts, who have immense experience in the field and are ready to share a great deal of useful information with attendees. Blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, attorneys, all will participate in Token Fest to talk about the emerging trends of the decentralized economy. The event will also feature an exhibition and a networking session, so don’t hesitate – book tickets now

  • Blockchain Expo Europe 2019

When: June 19-20, 2019

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands


Blockchain Expo Europe 2019 is here to captivate you with a myriad of activities! It will be held in the form of both debates, and keynotes, and cover blockchain application scenarios within legal, finance, healthcare, and other spheres. You will learn about important tech trends, and initiatives of blockchain companies; listen to the speeches of top executives from IBM, Maersk, Santander, etc.; and participate in innovative exhibitions.

Also, there will be networking sessions where you can meet like-minded blockchain enthusiasts, representatives of the leading brands, and even find investors to scale your business. The conference is a perfect opportunity for startups to introduce their products/services to the public.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity; register here