CEX.IO Celebrates 5th Anniversary: Milestones and Achievements

, November 1, 2018

In 2013, CEX.IO was launched as a blockchain pioneer to enable easy access to cryptocurrencies and increase their popularity. Since the start, we’ve been determined to make cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone, build trust, and ensure that people benefit from what we do.

When we started, we couldn’t have imagined that we’d come to the point where we are today. We’re proud that we’ve created a completely legal platform with a positive reputation, high security standards, and a strong user experience. Here’s how we ended up where we are.

CEX.IO Milestones

As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we’re happy to recall how our exchange started. Here are some of the most important milestones we’ve reached over the last five years.

November 1, 2013 — CEX.IO is incorporated. The company is based on a mining power trading platform created by the largest mining pool, Ghash.io.

2014 — CEX.IO adds USD and EUR markets and enables payment card deposits.

2015 — The Ghash.io mining pool is closed and our focus shifts toward developing an online crypto exchange. This is a year of significant change. We obtain MSB status with FinCEN, launch the instant purchase service allowing users to buy cryptocurrencies with credit cards, and release our mobile application.

2016 — We start supporting ETH on CEX.IO, enable withdrawals to credit cards, and launch our affiliate program.

2017 — CEX.IO adds more cryptocurrencies including BCH, ZEC, Dash, and XRP. We end the year with an unbelievable increase in popularity of cryptocurrencies and significant load on our platform, which we successfully manage.

2018 — We establish partnerships with XTRADE.IO and Telegram, become one of the founders of CryptoUK, significantly improve the user experience on the CEX.IO platform, and add functionality including verification and instant purchases to our mobile app. Additionally, we work on new initiatives to offer our customers even more.

For us, 2018 has been a year that has brought many changes and opened a lot of room for development and new initiatives. Stay tuned, as we have many plans for the future. We believe these plans will open even more opportunities with cryptocurrencies for everyone.

Where is the CEX.IO cryptocurrency exchange now?

Looking back, it’s such a pleasure to recall how we started and to see that we made the right moves in the past. But it’s more important to understand where we are now. Here are some facts that prove we’re moving in the right direction.

Variety of payment options

Convenience is one of our major focuses, so we’re proud that our customers have a variety of payment options available. Using CEX.IO, you can choose between card payments, bank transfers, Crypto Capital, and cryptocurrency transactions. By the way — we were the first exchange to enable cryptocurrency purchases with credit cards. We’ve already processed more than $1 billion in card payments.

Multiple currencies

We started as a cloud mining service, then transformed into a Bitcoin trading platform. Now we offer our users 31 trading pairs that include both cryptocurrencies and fiat. Our users can already trade nine crypto coins including BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, and LTC, and more are yet to come.

Customer care

Over five years, we’ve learned a lot. And the lesson we value most is that the customer experience matters. We’ve significantly strengthened our support team so that they can provide fast and quality help. Our average customer satisfaction rate is currently 85% according to Zendesk. We’re always ready to assist, whether our customers reach us via the website, phone, or on social media.

Strong security

Working with money, we understand the responsibility of keeping funds safe and pay special attention to security. We’ve developed a strong anti-DDoS attack system and implemented full data encryption to ensure complete safety. On CEX.IO, not a single dollar has been lost since the company was incorporated. In 2018, we even took second place in the Cyber Security ranking among all exchanges according to cryptoexchangeranks.com.

Regulatory compliance

Since CEX.IO started, we’ve set the rules to follow. We’re also authorized as an MSB by FinCEN and follow all requirements of the PCI DSS standards. We’re currently working on obtaining Digital Ledger Technology and Electronic Money Issuer licenses. We believe that working within legal frameworks is the primary indicator of reliability, and these new licenses will help us stay transparent. They’ll also let us offer more products in future.


Having been a pioneer in the cryptocurrency sphere, we understand that regulation is necessary. To promote this, we helped found CryptoUK and are actively taking part in its activities. CryptoUK is an organization that works with the UK government to develop a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. We believe this will bring more stability to the crypto markets.

Much has been accomplished within the last five years. But we also know there’s room for improvement. Learning is an essential part of progress, so we analyze the market, your needs, your wishes, and your feedback to offer you more opportunities and improve your experience.

Thank you for choosing our service. You help us improve, and together we’re moving toward a world where cryptocurrencies take a respectable place.

P.S. We are preparing a surprise for you so that you could celebrate with us. Stay tuned!

Sincerely yours,

The CEX.IO Team



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