A notice on customer requests response delays at CEX.IO

, January 18, 2021

Due to the sustained market rally that occurred recently, our customer support ticket volumes escalated considerably, and we sincerely apologize for any longer than usual response times to your questions. 

We acknowledge that the speed of our responses up to this point has been insufficient, which doesn’t meet the level of customer support we strive to provide and that our users deserve. To resolve this situation, our teams are working literally non-stop. We are also making changes to our customer service systems that will allow for higher throughput of inquiries and faster response times.

This new crypto market rally has brought a huge influx of new users to our platform as well as the boost of the existing users’ activity. We receive an immense amount of requests 24/7, where a big portion makes the account access recovery and verification queries. 

It’s important to emphasize that in the light of the crypto prices growth, the number of crypto scammers increases too. 

We will not compromise the safety of your funds and personal info. Thus, we continue to stick to the highest level of security and keep our platform a safe place to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. Therefore, we carry on with all the necessary customer verification procedures in compliance with the highest security and regulation standards. 


Here’s what we are doing right now to resolve the situation as fast as possible:

  • Improving the process of sorting and prioritizing tickets. Automatization of respective internal operations.
  • Growing the capacity of the Customer Support team and adding more self-service options.
  • Enhancing the processing of verification queries and customer verification process.
  • Facilitating the processing of account restoring tickets and optimizing the steps to recover 2FA.

Having analyzed the nature of the customer queries, we would like to emphasize the few self-service options that can help use our service without any issues:

  • Use our Help center – there you’ll find thorough and easy guides on trading and exchange
  • Conduct additional market research before trading since some of the blockchains like Ethereum are currently overloaded and transaction processing takes more time.
  • Review the pricing and commissions page before performing your transactions and pay attention to the types of orders (market or limit) you use. 
  • Keep your 2FA seed (backup code) safe. The backup code can help you restore access to your account without the need to contact our Support Team.

In case you still need the help of your Customer Support team, here’s what you can do to resolve your question faster:

  • Use the live chat feature to communicate with the support agent in real time as it is much faster than waiting for the email. You can find the chat icon in the bottom right corner on any page of the CEX.IO websiteDo not create additional tickets and chats on the same matter as it will only increase the queue.
  • When submitting the photos and/or videos in the verification process, make sure they are high-quality and easily readable.

It’s important to mention that currently, our platform is fully operational. We apply the highest protection measures to the personal data and funds of our users. We also continuously improve the performance of our trading engine. The rapidly increased volume of requests versus the number of people who process those requests led to the backlog in customer service. However, we’re doing what it takes to resolve the situation in the shortest time. The majority of our users who regularly use our services do not experience any issues.

CEX.IO has been a source of reliable, secure, and fast crypto services for millions of people across the world. We are resolved to continue improving our services for you so you can avail all the numerous opportunities our products have to offer.

We will update this post as soon as we have any progress in the abovementioned areas. Stay in touch!



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