CEX.IO May 2022 Media Report

, June 8, 2022

May was a high-profile media month for our Founder and CEO, Olexsandr Lutskevych. He took breaks from innovating and leading CEX.IO to share positive thought leadership and industry expertise with journalists.

Here’s a snapshot of four different, vital discussions in which our CEO participated last month:

Cointelegraph: 11 Myths that May Be Holding the Crypto Industry Back

On May 6, Cointelegraph published an article debunking some of the more harmful myths that are impacting the industry. Lutskevych took aim at the narrative that crypto is wild and unregulated. 

“In reality, recent steps taken by regulators across the globe are an indicator of what’s to come. We’re seeing national governments become more active in the drafting of crypto legislation, shaping requirements for tax reporting, prevention of money laundering and so on.”

Cointelegraph: Eight Strategies Everyone Should Use to Steer Clear of Fraud in Crypto

On May 17, our CEO  was featured in a Cointelegraph Innovation Circle piece on  avoiding fraud in crypto. Alongside comments from other thought leaders, Lutskevych suggested that every market participant perform thorough due diligence: “Study the project when planning to buy a digital asset. When placing funds into a protocol, verify it does what’s promised.”

Bloomberg: Bitcoin Flexes Dominance Again as Altcoins Suffer Bigger Losses

On May 18, Bloomberg published an article on  Bitcoin’s recent bumpy ride and what investors might expect in the near future. Lutskevych shared this warning on interest rates:

“Markets have become convinced that rate hikes will continue for the foreseeable future…This has expedited exits from riskier assets such as stocks and cryptocurrencies.”

Cointelegraph: 11 Ways Crypto Leaders are Working to Build Trust in Their Market

On May 19, Cointelegraph published another article featuring our CEO’s expertise. This piece examined leadership best practices for building trust in the crypto industry. Lutskevych believes that a good way to build trust is to establish concrete structures that can foster growth for every market entered.

Look for more CEX.IO media activity in June as the industry continues evolving. 



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Buy crypto with a VISA or Mastercard by October 9, 2022, and receive 5% cashback for your purchase!

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