April 2024 Media Report

, May 9, 2024

If we’re to believe the old adage about April rain, it’s in this month’s soil that future wonders await. The sprawling networks of roots and seeds wake from their slumber as the sky’s life-giving force seeps in, while the surrounding landscape percolates with germs of revitalization. This process of rebirth changes the tenor of the year, as new potential and optimism floods the space once occupied by the harsh realities of winter. Oftentimes, the concentration and hard work put in throughout periods of dormancy can augment this bursting forth, as preparations and careful planning bear fruit, and emerge.

In many ways, the previous several weeks have centered on refinement, a strengthening of core values, and diligent, focused effort. With the reveal of CEX.IO Card now fully public, and the next installment of the Market Research Team’s COMPASS report series set for an imminent release, results are already underway. Despite executing on multiple fronts, and ensuring all our ducks remain firmly planted in a row, we’ve continued to enjoy positive industry recognition, and offer key contributions to pressing conversations. Afterall, there’s no sense in resting on one’s laurels when thought-leadership, like any garden, demands regular attention.

Last month kicked off with Business Insider once again listing CEX.IO among the “Best Crypto Exchanges” in their monthly round-up. In addition to maintaining our 4.45/5 rating, the outlet acknowledged our comprehensive menu of listings as perfect for curious newcomers and seasoned aficionados alike. For those who follow our official social channels, the steady drumbeat of new token arrivals should come as no surprise. And in truth, we’re just getting started.

Our Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, followed the news from Business Insider by having comments published in The Coin Bureau that reflected on current trends in the digital economy. The ebb and flow of crypto adoption, regulation, and the many applications of so-called “generative AI” dominated the conversation, with Becky offering measured takes on their big picture impacts. Finding the most prudent course forward can be daunting amid overlapping factors, but informed analysis often provides much needed clarity.

To a similar end, CEX.IO’s Global MLRO and Head of Financial Crime, Mark Taylor was featured by The Associated Press ahead of his appearance at a panel organized by C5. With over 30 years of law enforcement experience, Mark joined fellow crypto fraud prevention specialists to discuss ways the space is responding to digital asset theft, and how exchanges can work to reconcile affected parties. His comments to The AP established critical framing for his appearance at the event, and worked to raise awareness about the evolving fight against fraud in the crypto space.

Explore our April media highlights via the links below.

Business Insider: Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of April 2024

The company received another piece of repeat recognition from Business Insider, which included CEX.IO among its monthly round-up of “Best” exchanges. For this edition, the outlet revamped its customary rating system in favor of superlatives that center noteworthy services, and highlighted our “Cryptocurrency Selection” as a defining feature.

Read the full review here.

The Coin Bureau: Future of Crypto: Analyzing Adoption, Regulation and AI

On April 2, CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, had comments published by Coin Bureau where she joined fellow leaders to reflect on the current state of the crypto industry. With a number of interlocking forces at play, Becky detangled their many nuances without losing sight of the big picture. Given the ecosystem is always undergoing developments around interoperability, adoption, and digital asset regulation, Becky reminded readers of the benefits to pausing, and taking a look around.

“However, Sarwate argues that such a development would primarily resonate with active crypto users, doing little to engage the general public. Instead, she suggests exploring how blockchain technologies can transform traditional sectors as a means to generate broader interest. Not only could this help non-engaged participants become crypto-curious, but additional vectors have the potential to rebrand crypto as more than a speculative instrument.”

AP News: CEX.IO’s Mark Taylor, Global Head of Financial Crime to Join Panel Organized by C5

On April 23, CEX.IO’s Global MLRO and Head of Financial Crime, Mark Taylor, was featured by AP News ahead of his panel appearance at Crypto and Digital Asset Fraud & Recovery. The panel, “The Fight Back Begins – Private and Public Sector Law Enforcement Team Up to Take the Fight to the Fraudsters and Recover Assets for Victims,” took place on Friday, 26 April in London, where Mark spoke alongside fellow leaders at the intersection of crypto and law enforcement.

“‘For too long, bad actors have felt empowered to exploit undefined parameters in the crypto ecosystem, often at the disadvantage of unsuspecting participants,’ Taylor said. ‘Establishing a unified front against on-chain fraud that centers on wealth recovery is a bold step toward leveling the playing field, and creating a safer transacting environment for those seeking emerging opportunities in the digital economy.’”

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