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Outwitting сrypto сriminals: why exchanges have to go the extra mile

Should crypto platforms follow the traditional finance experience in combating criminals, or do they need an innovative approach, specially developed for the digital sphere?

Jan 05, 2022 | 10 min read
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Opinion: Viewing Bitcoin and Ethereum as Competitors is Fundamentally Wrong

The roots of Bitcoin and Ethereum work in tandem, reacting to each other, while competitive relationships require one to fail over the other.

Dec 20, 2021 | 12 min read
CEX.IO News Opinions

Philosophies of the CEX.IO Ecosystem

We sat down with CEX.IO CEO and founder, Oleksandr Lutskevych to chat about the company philosophy and values. Enjoy!

Nov 30, 2021 | 8 min read
CEX.IO News Opinions

Opinion: Morning Coffee for BTC – Fiction or Reality?

Is El Salvador a harbinger of future changes? Are other countries going to be more willing to accept crypto after the first-mover? Let’s explore a particular use case.

Nov 23, 2021 | 8 min read