CEX.IO adds Bitcoin and Ethereum to its Savings service

, November 22, 2022

During this period of turbulence in the ecosystem, crypto enthusiasts are looking for a safe haven to store their assets and generate rewards. As a trusted guide in the crypto ecosystem, we always prioritize the safety of user funds while offering new opportunities to reach their unique crypto goals along their digital asset journey. 

In order to provide our customers with new options to navigate the bear market, we are enhancing the number of supported assets offered through our CEX.IO Savings program by adding Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to the service. From now on, users can move BTC and ETH to a CEX.IO Savings account and earn more BTC and ETH daily. With this feature, users can take advantage of both the high level of security that CEX.IO offers and the ability to accumulate crypto in a hassle-free and straightforward way. 

Funds stored in a Savings account are not locked and can be moved in and out at any time. With such flexibility, users can build and explore new strategies, and benefit from holding crypto without compromising their digital asset mobility. Furthermore, the CEX.IO Savings service has almost no entry barrier, meaning users can start accumulating crypto by moving any amount of funds to their Savings account.

In case you never used CEX.IO Savings before, here is a step-by-step guide on how to move your BTC, ETH, and other supported assets to a Savings account:

  • Log into your CEX.IO account.
  • Go to the CEX.IO Savings page.
  • Click Transfer next to the preferred crypto to move funds from your CEX.IO balance to the Savings account.
  • Enjoy daily rewards in that selected cryptocurrency.

CEX.IO Savings users already enjoy stablecoins as a way to ride out market rollercoasters, and we hope that adding BTC and ETH will provide even more opportunities for our customers. Stay tuned to not miss out on new options to earn crypto rewards with CEX.IO.



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