CEX.IO Launches Bitcoin Gold Trading

, December 8, 2017

UPD: BTG deposits and withdrawals on the platform were enabled on December 12, 2017.
As expected by our users since Bitcoin Gold hard fork, we are ready to introduce Bitcoin Gold trading on CEX.IO. From now on, the customers of CEX.IO have an opportunity to trade the following pairs:

  • BTG/BTC.

As for now, we have decided not to include BTG/GBP and still check the relevance of this option. Deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin Gold will be enabled later, and we will keep you informed about the forthcoming changes.

Concerns About BTG

While providing an opportunity for trading BTG, we would like to remind that the exchange activities involving the coin may be risky. Since the beginning of the BTG project, it showed a number of concerns:

  • DDoS attack on official website after the fork;
  • fact that the code was not ready until November 12;
  • expressed worries about the hidden fees in the code;
  • buzz around the so-called pre-mining activities;
  • scam on the MyBTGWallet website when users claimed their funds to have been stolen by a wallet previously promoted by the developers’ team.

These events make the whole community concerned about the real intentions of the team behind the coin.

A Note of Caution

In the light of this information, we would like to ask you to be very careful when making BTG-related transactions. Please, remember that only the users are allowed to decide if the operation is appropriate for them, considering the financial issues and the associated risks.

Therefore, please, be cautious when conducting the transactions with BTG under such uncertain conditions as you will hold sole responsibility for your actions.

We closely observe the situation around the coin and reserve the right to delist BTG if we find such action necessary. We may also stop deposits and withdrawals of BTG or make them available for a limited time only at our own discretion.

In any case, we will keep you informed about the changes. Follow the updates on our blog to be aware of the most recent news.



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