Withdrawing Fiat Funds for Users From the United States

, March 21, 2018

Today we are excited to point out an outstanding opportunity for users from the United States to withdraw their fiat funds from CEX.IO.

For many American customers, being unable to withdraw money to their bank accounts is a significant drawback. Almost every day we receive requests from such users asking for fiat withdrawal option.

Withdrawals for Americans Available

Considering the demand, we now take a chance to remind that our users from the US are able to withdraw their funds from CEX.IO in traditional currencies. They can do it using cards issued outside the United States.

Please, note that withdrawal option is available only for the cards issued NOT in the US as well as NOT in the countries where card withdrawals are prohibited. If you are from the US and already have a payment card issued by a non-American bank, you are welcome to add it to your account and use to withdraw funds. You can also try opening a card in a foreign bank to have an opportunity to get your fiat out of CEX.IO.

How Can I Withdraw My Money?

To withdraw your fiat funds from CEX.IO, please add and verify your card issued outside of the US. It has to be your card, and you need to prove ownership according to our KYC/AML policies. Please note that to be able to deposit/withdraw fiat funds from CEX.IO, you should pass obligatory identity verification.

So, if you are already verified and have one card added for deposits, just follow the same procedure with the card to which you will be able to make withdrawals. In case you still have no card tied to your account but would like to add your foreign card, you can find helpful information on our Help Centre.

Basically, you need to:

  • Enter information about the card (card number, name and surname, expiry date, CVV code);
  • Upload a selfie with the card in the respective field;
  • Confirm ownership by entering the small amount that was charged to your card.

After this, as soon as the card is verified, you will be able to withdraw fiat funds.

Introducing New Opportunities as a Step Forward

We consider it to be an important opportunity for users from the United States. Being able to withdraw one’s fiat funds from an account should significantly improve the experiences received with CEX.IO service. With this option, users from the United States will be able to get even more benefits when trading on CEX.IO.



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