CEX.IO April 2022 Media Report

, May 9, 2022

CEX.IO was in full bloom throughout the month of April, with positive company recognition and thought leadership. In addition to some terrific enterprise honors, members of our leadership team received high-profile media mentions, and shared their perspectives on industry-related topics.

Here’s a snapshot of CEX.IO’s external coverage in April:


CryptoCompare: Exchange Benchmark April 2022

On April 11, CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmark provided their rankings of more than 150 global spot exchanges. CEX.IO received an “A” grade and was listed in the Top 10 Best Crypto Exchanges in the world. The creation of this ranking system was designed to bring transparency and accountability to the crypto asset exchange landscape.

We are very proud to have earned this grade, and thank CryptoCompare for its due diligence.


Cointelegraph: Crypto Portfolios: How Much of A Stablecoin Allocation is Too Much?

On April 13, Cointelegraph published an article on stablecoin allocation. Our CEO and Founder, Oleksandr Lutskevych’s thoughts are featured in this article. Among other bites, he shared this advice with investors: 

“Just because it is DeFi, the investment principles do not change. And one of the foundational investment principles is: Before proposing any strategy, you should thoroughly understand one’s risk preferences and individual circumstances.”


Bankrate: What is DeFi? A Beginner’s Guide to Decentralized Finance

On April 15, our CEO was back on the media landscape, quoted in an article by Bankrate. The educational piece lays a historical foundation for decentralized finance, and previews what the future may hold. Lutskevych shares his perspective on how DeFi works, potential risks for investors and what opportunities DeFi offers traditional finance. Here’s just one piece of wisdom: 

“The building blocks of DeFi are smart contracts, which are executable codes that can store cryptocurrencies and interact with the blockchain according to its rules.”


Cointelegraph: Blockchain and Crypto Can Be a Boon for Tracking Financial Crimes

On April 28, Cointelegraph published an article debunking the historical, biased connection between cryptocurrency and crime. Our Chief Technology Officer, Dmytro Volkov shared his thoughts on this topic: 

“The misconception that crypto is predominantly used by criminals probably has roots in the days of the Silk Road. The truth is that the immutable aspect of the blockchain makes hiding transactions very difficult. In the case of Bitcoin, whose blockchain ledger is publicly available, a serious exchange with a competent analytics team can easily monitor and thwart hackers and launderers before the damage is done.” 


Coin Desk: What Crypto’s Increasing Correlation With Tech Stocks Means for Investors

On April 29, Will Evans, CEX.IO’s Managing Director, the Americas, appeared on CoinDesk TV. The media outlet is known for varied discussions of insights and trends in the crypto space. Evans highlighted a variety of different factors impacting the industry’s current volatility, mentioning the interesting trends that could change momentum.



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