Maker-taker fee model
CEX.IO Introduces Maker-Taker Fee Schedule, Sets Maker Fee to 0%
Aug 2, 2016

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We are excited to announce that a Maker-Taker fee schedule has been launched on CEX.IO. Within the new model, maker fee is set to 0%. This is a major improvement to encourage even higher liquidity across CEX.IO markets.

What is Maker-Taker?

If we take a closer look at the order execution, we can see that each trade involves two parties: the maker, who places the order in the order book, and the taker, who “takes” or matches the maker’s order. In a nutshell, makers create liquidity on the market, and provided that they play a longer game, they are usually rewarded with lower fees than takers. Takers, in their turn, use liquidity from the market by matching makers’ orders, which drives market movement and lead to tighter market spread.

How does Maker-Taker Fee System Work on CEX.IO?

The new fee structure on CEX.IO implies 0% trade fee for makers and standard 0.2% fee for takers on all trade pairs. Special trade conditions are discussable for high-volume traders, Verified Plus and Corporate accounts. Shortly, we will improve the Maker-Taker model by making it volume-tiered.

We highly welcome you to take advantage of the new fee schedule. In our turn, we’ll do our best to provide the best experience of cryptocurrency trading for you, as usual.

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