CEX.IO Launches CEX.IO University, your one-stop-shop for all things crypto

, April 21, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our crypto and blockchain university — a free resource that provides detailed and high-quality crypto and blockchain education.

Since the beginning of CEX.IO, we have constantly updated our cryptocurrency listings. This growth is one of the main driving forces for ensuring the quality of our cryptocurrency trading platform and the coins we list. 

We welcome the responsibility of being a trusted thought leader in crypto and blockchain education. With the immense growth of the cryptocurrency sector, it made sense for our team to share with our users our learnings over the years through CEX.IO University.

Why did we launch CEX.IO University?

Our mission at CEX.IO is to empower individuals through crypto, and we believe the journey begins with the basics. 

The crypto sector is full of misleading information, so we understand that the lack of comprehensive education around crypto is one of the main barriers for consumers.  

This is where CEX.IO University comes in. 

CEX.IO University is here to introduce you to the fundamental concepts required to kick-start your journey into the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain tech, and investing. 

For intermediate or expert individuals, it provides detailed and in-depth knowledge of different concepts in the crypto and blockchain sector.

CEX.IO University Goals

The CEX.IO University caters to all levels of knowledge and interest — from crypto beginners to experts. It covers a wide array of topics you can get started with.

Here you learn how to analyze the crypto market, the different analysis methods, and the various indicators used in trading. The platform also introduces you to the terminologies used in crypto trading, such as liquidity, charts, trends patterns, and volume, to mention a few.

Other topics include blockchain technology, different blockchain ecosystems, types of blockchains, and various consensus protocols.

The University will also explore crucial topics in cryptocurrency security to ensure you are well versed in securing crypto assets. Learn how to keep your CEX.IO wallet secure, as well as how to transfer your crypto assets safely. The University also contains tutorials on how users can fully use the CEX.IO platform to their benefit. It will take you through multiple features of CEX.IO and how you can use them.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what CEX.IO University will offer. As long as it is crypto-related, the CEX.IO University has you covered. 

We are currently experiencing the birth of a new revolutionary tech invention — blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In recent years, various governments, banks, and financial companies showed interest in the crypto space, while others have taken a negative approach. However, as more developments emerge from the space, more and more institutions are taking a positive direction.

So, learning about cryptocurrency is exceedingly essential for investors, innovators, or anyone who wants to stay ahead in the changing industry.

With the launch of CEX.IO University, we are starting an endeavor to spread the knowledge of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and investing to everyone.



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