Updated! CEX.IO to Launch Tether (USDT) Market with a Special Offer

, October 11, 2019

At CEX.IO, we add new listings and new features based on thorough market research, due diligence, and feedback from our customers. Within just one week, we’ll list the cryptocurrency that many of you have asked for. Prepare yourselves for Tether (USDT)!

USDT is a stablecoin, meaning you’ll be able to store, send, and receive a digital currency pegged to the US dollar at a 1:1 ratio.

For our exchange, this is not an ordinary listing. We’re about to launch a brand-new market that will offer many new currency pairs. 

We’ll kick things off with two USDT pairs: BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT. Eventually, most of the cryptocurrencies on CEX.IO will be available for trading with USDT. 

A special offer for USDT pairs

By launching the USDT market, we’re adding new trading opportunities for existing customers, providing more options for arbitrage, and give those already holding USDT access to CEX.IO liquidity.

To celebrate the launch of the USDT market, we’re lowering the trading fees for all USDT pairs to a 0% maker fee and a 0.1% taker fee. This offer will last until the end of 2019!

About Tether and USDT

Tether (trading symbol USDT) is a stablecoin, a cryptocurrency with a fixed price measured by fiat currency, USD in this case. The price of USDT is “tethered” to one dollar, as it is designed to be collateralized, or backed, by the actual dollars in the Teather platform’s reserve account.  

There are two main reasons why Tether has taken off in the cryptocurrency markets:

  • By nature, reduced volatility. Stablecoins are set to maintain a fixed price and are therefore protected from the volatility of cryptocurrency. 
  • Low fees and fast transactions, compared to fiat. You can transfer the value of fiat money with the transaction fees and speed of cryptocurrency.

Because of these benefits, traders often use Tether to send and receive fiat equivalent between exchanges, saving time and money. Thus, USDT brings asset mobility and facilitates arbitrage. 

USDT value

The goal of Tether is for one USDT to equal one US dollar. However, Tether does not guarantee any right to exchange tethers for fiat money.

Even though USDT holders are protected from crypto volatility, they’re still exposed to fluctuations in the price of the US dollar, which USDT is pegged to.

Note: CEX.IO doesn’t guarantee that the value of USDT is equal to the value of USD. Please study this stablecoin, as well as Tether Terms of Service, on your own before making any investment or trading decisions. 

Mark your calendars!

USDT deposits will be available starting on October 15th. USDT trading will be enabled on October 17th. 

We hope you’re as excited about this new market as we are. Stay tuned for news and updates!

We enable ERC-20 based deposits and withdrawals for Tether (USDT).

USDT deposits are enabled!

Now you can deposit Tether to CEX.IO so you’re ready when trading kicks off. 

USDT trading is launched!

The USDT trading is up with 2 currency pairs: BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT. More to come soon!

New USDT pairs added

To bring you extra trading opportunities and expand the Tether market, we’ve launched two new pairs: XRP/USDT and LTC/USDT. But this is not the end! Stay tuned!

Discuss Tether in our official Telegram group: https://t.me/CEX_IO

Restrictions: USDT is currently unavailable for US residents.

Important: Please note that we’ve made some changes to the CEX.IO Terms of Use in response to the USDT listing on CEX.IO. 



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