CEX.IO Launches Donation Page to Support Humanitarian Relief In Ukraine

, June 28, 2022

The continuing war in Eastern Europe, with attendant suffering by the Ukrainian people, deeply saddens us. As a global company staffed with talented, compassionate human beings, we continue to ask ourselves “What more can we do?”

In addition, many members of the public have taken note of CEX.IO’s commitment to raising funds for urgently needed humanitarian assistance in the region. But as unregistered users of our ecosystem, the way to offer support for the effort wasn’t immediately clear. We heard a different, repeated question from you, “How can I help?”

Today we’re proud to offer a simple answer to both questions. By visiting our website, and selecting “Help Ukraine” from the top navigation menu, you can make a difference with your crypto donation of any size. Critical organizations like the National Specialized Children’s Hospital (OHMATDYT), and other worthy groups, will put your donation to immediate, invaluable use to get children and their families the care and support they need, while sustaining medical teams continuing their heroic work.

How you can contribute: Just select the organization you’d like to support today from our Donation Widget dropdown menu. Donated crypto will be converted into fiat, and 100% of funds collected will benefit the chosen organization. CEX.IO waives any and all processing fees. As with any charitable donation, consult with your tax professional regarding any potential tax deduction. In order to donate, you must be a verified CEX.IO user actively logged into your account.

Unfortunately the war in Ukraine shows no immediate signs of ending, leaving numerous innocent children and families in harm’s way. As long as suffering persists, CEX.IO remains committed. You can be a part of a continuing international effort to help people in the most dire circumstances. 

We look forward to the day when the war is well past us. And when it is, we will continue to leverage this widget, working with causes that make a positive difference in the world.



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