Welcome Cardano (ADA) on CEX.IO!

, December 12, 2019

We are glad to announce the listing of ADA — one of the most popular and traded cryptocurrencies. It was highly requested by our customers. ADA is the native cryptocurrency of a decentralized blockchain Cardano.

You can now deposit ADA to your CEX.IO account. You can also buy it with your Visa or MasterCard. ADA/USD is the first Cardano market on CEX.IO. In the nearest future, we will announce more pairs. Also, withdrawals of ADA will be open on December 13.



About Cardano project 

Cardano is an open-source cryptocurrency project. It is a public blockchain platform with a scientific method. It is built around academic research and written in Haskell. The team behind Cardano claims that they follow the strict development standards and a thorough peer review of the code.

The ecosystem of the project consists of:

  • Cardano — a blockchain platform that has evolved out of scientific philosophy;
  • Ouroboros — a provably safe PoS algorithm;
  • Daedalus — a wallet that is set to run dApps on the blockchain.

According to the project, the Cardano protocol aims to take the needs of regulators into account. It also protects the privacy of users. Cardano will use a democratic governance system. It allows the project to evolve over time. In addition, it can fund itself through a treasury system. Cardano is designed to be flexible and adjustable. The system can be easily upgraded by soft forks. Thus, it can prevent the community from splitting because of the hard forks.



Team and transparency

Cardano was officially launched in 2017. It is led by Charles Hoskinson, the former Ethereum co-founder. There are three entities connected with Cardano:

  • IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong) — the engineering company. They contracted it to create, develop and maintain the platform until 2020.
  • Cardano Foundation — a Swiss non-profit organization. It manages the Cardano development and promotes the project. Apart from that, it works with regulators and forms partnerships.
  • Emurgo — a for-profit company. It is working in order to boost the Cardano ecosystem through the commercial use of its blockchain and platform.

When it comes to the projects in the industry of decentralized technologies, transparency is of the top importance. Thus, apart from the Cardano Foundation being the final auditor for the IOHK’s work, there is also a third party auditor — FP Complete. This company controls monthly reports. Then they share them with the community.

We are glad to list Cardano on CEX.IO. Our team hopes that you will make the most of the new market.

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Disclaimer: The above content is for informational purposes only. You should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Please study the asset on your own before making any investment or trading decisions.


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