CEX.IO Monthly Digest (November)

, December 14, 2022


There are months that can feel like years or decades, and November 2022 could be considered one of those months in the crypto space. The industry experienced a massive rollercoaster of events and emotions, from the hope of an imminent recovery, to capitulation and burnout. Mainstream media kept a close eye on the evolving situations of certain market players, reporting contagion by bad actors, and fueling a “doom” narrative in the space. 

However, as we asserted months ago, a bear market is a period of industry cleansing, where rationality and work always win out over loud claims and talk. Quite often, these cleansings are accompanied by general crypto obituaries. In short, there’s nothing new to see here for established ecosystem users. Although crypto supporters can be viewed right now as the heroes of the “This is fine” meme to the casual observer, we know that spring always comes after winter.

Following recent turbulent events, more crypto enthusiasts have begun to look for rationality and stability in the space. In doing so, they’re turning to the services provided by players that put security at the forefront. 

As an ecosystem that has been a trusted guide for nearly 10 years, CEX.IO is well positioned to serve as a hideout for anyone who wants to endure market turbulence with confidence. We hold all users’ funds in 1:1 custody, and provide transparent services while maintaining rigorous regulatory leadership. Don’t believe us? We have plenty of positive third-party validation. We’re proud to see that our community is spreading the good word about us in tough market conditions like these.

For our part, we commit to continuing to work on improving our ecosystem, providing our users with more opportunities to handle the bear market, and be able to enter the crypto space without fear. Below, we offer updates on major developments within the CEX.IO ecosystem, and other company news. Let’s roll!

Company updates

BTC and ETH on CEX.IO Savings

We added Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to CEX.IO Savings, providing our customers with new options to navigate the bear market, and accumulate funds regardless of conditions. 

With CEX.IO Savings, you can generate crypto rewards on a daily basis, while maintaining digital asset mobility. Funds stored in a Savings sub-account remain liquid and can be moved anytime. Furthermore, there are no minimum or maximum thresholds to start earning Savings rewards. You can move your crypto to the Savings sub-account in just a few clicks, using the button below.


Relaunched Listings Program

Finding a reliable place to introduce a project to the wider crypto community can be a daunting process, full of uncertainties and concerns. With our relaunched Listing Program, we leverage our nearly 10 years of industry expertise to help projects make the first splash when entering the crypto waters. 

Vetted projects that decide to join the CEX.IO ecosystem, which already includes over 140 cryptocurrencies, will go through a transparent, robust listing process, with guidance offered along the way. Our flexible approach can help projects achieve wider adoption and recognition, while keeping their missions front and center. If you have a project that’s looking for an anchor in the crypto ecosystem, let CEX.IO showcase your solution.


CEX.IO Founder & CEO Oleksandr Lutskevych’s media presence 

Like “that guy in the office corner with headphones on his head”, CEX.IO was predominantly focused on work and providing value to its customers, instead of making media statements in November. However, as a major contributor to Cointelegraph’s Innovation Circle, our CEO provided expert insight into the importance of understanding the audience’s desires, in the article 16 things Web3 creators need to focus on during a bear market.


New listings and asset changes


IOTA is a distributed ledger that uses a system of nodes called “Tangle” to process transactions. Tangle is based on directed acyclic graph (DAG) technology, which bypasses the creation of blocks, and helps the project offer greater transaction speeds compared to conventional blockchains.

IOTA’s goal is to become a platform for executing transactions between Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. Because there is no blockchain with its miners or stakers, there are also no transaction fees within the IOTA network.


Aurus migration

Aurus, a decentralized network of commodity tokens, has changed the names and tickers of its tokens by deploying new smart contracts. NoW AurusGOLD (AWG), AurusSILVER (AWS), and AurusDeFi (AWX) tokens are now known as tGOLD (TXAU), SILVER (TXAG), and AurusX (AX) respectively.

Old Aurus tokens were replaced with new ones by direct substitution in user accounts, at a 1:1 ratio.  


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