CEX.IO, a UK-based Bitcoin exchange, has developed real-time WebSocket API, a useful tool for professional traders and developers, which provides the fastest way to obtain data from the exchange. 

Due to outstanding pusher technology, WebSocket API users are able to subscribe to certain exchange updates. Such subscription allows getting real-time notifications about system changes without sending extra requests to get required information.

“Not only will WebSocket API solution be useful for professional traders and developers, but also lead to new partnerships between CEX.IO and other Bitcoin companies on the market”, Jeffrey Smith, CIO of CEX.IO.

CEX.IO claims that WebSocket API will be constantly supported and updated with new features, according to the company’s roadmap and also including user suggestions. All users can get access and all required WebSocket API documentation by sending a request to web@cex.io.

Jeffrey Smith: “WebSocket API is only the first step towards satisfying the demands of experienced Bitcoin market traders. CEX.IO exchange will continue developing in this direction and present new trading solutions, including a FIX-protocol which we are currently working on.”