Why CEX.IO Savings may earn you more than other, similar services

, January 26, 2023

Imagine a user who joined a platform to accumulate more crypto. They saw a big and shiny number of a high annual percentage yield (APY), which inspired the user to deposit a large amount of funds. Over time, the user decided to check earned rewards, and calculate their real APY. Strangely, the number seemed to be lower than the promoted rate. The user double-checked the earnings page, and noticed a tiny sign near the APY. In a small frame, they read that users with significant allocation receive rewards at lower rates.

It’s a story about how a user may discover so-called “tiers.” Tiers are quite common with earn services, especially savings, offered by various crypto platforms. Essentially, this could be described as a marketing trick, where the highest potential APY (tier 1 APY) is reflected on the main page, while all other tiers are listed in a small frame next to it.

Tiers determine what APY users will receive, and depend on the amount of allocated funds.  Typically, the more funds you allocate, the lower the rates. As a result, users who allocate significant capital may end up earning crypto with relatively low APY.

Although tiering is a common practice, not every company adopts it. CEX.IO won’t try to impress users with unrealistically big numbers. Annual rewaards percentage provided in our Savings service is transparent, with no tiers. This means our customers can earn rewards regardless of how many funds they want to put include.

Below, we compare CEX.IO Savings with a few other popular platforms. Our goal is to show you how our approach can earn you more crypto, even if it doesn’t seem obvious at first glance. In addition, we prepared a special offer with increased rewards on Savings, for users to whom tiers are generally not friendly.

But first, what is CEX.IO Savings?

CEX.IO Savings is a service that empowers users to generate crypto rewards on a daily basis. For that, you just need to move funds to a dedicated Savings sub-account.

At the moment of this writing, we feature only Flexible Savings. This means funds stored in a sub-account remain liquid, and can be moved at any time. Flexible savings allow users to maintain high mobility of funds and accumulate more crypto, regardless of market conditions.

There is no minimum or maximum threshold to benefit from CEX.IO Savings. As a result, users can start using Savings with any amount. Furthermore, our annual rewards percentage is equal for all users, regardless of the amount they allocate.

Customers may claim rewards and send them back to Savings whenever they want. This strategy could help users earn more, with consecutive reward distribution periods.

As such, CEX.IO Savings is laser-focused on providing users with reliable service and reward distribution consistency.

Comparing CEX.IO Savings with other platforms

As various platforms provide different features, we need to highlight a few things in advance to make the comparison fair. Since CEX.IO Savings currently offers only a flexible approach, we will only compare rewards of flexible savings. With locked savings, users exchange the mobility of funds for increased rewards, meaning they shouldn’t be exclusively compared with flexible savings.

In addition, some crypto exchanges may offer options to increase potential APY using their native tokens. This also has been excluded from the comparison table, as this action may require additional investments. Let’s take a look at raw numbers, with no extra layers and/or tricks.

As you can see, should an investor allocate more than $1,000 worth of tokens, CEX.IO Savings immediately becomes a top performer. Furthermore, the more funds you move to CEX.IO Savings, the greater the benefit.

On other platforms, the highest APY is typically applied to relatively small deposits (in some cases, $300-$500). After that, the APY may drop significantly compared to CEX.IO Savings annual rewards percentage. This means earning rewards with CEX.IO Savings could be more beneficial, even for users who want to start accumulating crypto with modest allocations.

Earn even more with CEX.IO

Looking at the tier system used elsewhere, it doesn’t seem fair for users who want to accumulate crypto in larger sums. So we decided to flip the script!

Don’t worry, CEX.IO Savings remains equal for everyone. However, if you want to allocate over $50,000 to earn crypto rewards, you can take advantage of CEX.IO Prime’s Institutional Savings. With it, you will enjoy increased annual rewards percentage on stablecoins (4%).

Click the button below and complete the form if you have big plans for this cycle. Are you ready to boost your crypto rewards?  

Disclaimer: Not investment advice. Seek professional advice. Digital assets involve risk. Do your own research.



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