Approximately since mid-March, all our users will be asked to confirm their emails and phone numbers. This is a necessary measure for us to ensure integrity and validity of the information we store and use for identification and security purposes.

We are currently working on the technical implementation of the flow for the confirmation process. As soon as it is finished, our users will be asked to pass email and phone number verification when logging into their accounts. After the customers successfully pass the confirmation process, they will be allowed to continue their activities on CEX.IO as usually.

Number of User’s Accounts on CEX.IO

Here, we would also like to remind that according to our Terms of Use, CEX.IO users are allowed to have only one account on the platform. Since mid-March, it should be obligatorily tied to a unique email address and phone number. So, in case you have several accounts:

  1. you should choose a single account with verified email, phone number, and completed identity verification (if any);
  2. withdraw funds from other accounts.

Later you will be able to deposit the withdrawn money to the account you have chosen. On our Help Centre, you can find more information about the mentioned procedure.

After the whole email/phone number confirmation process, one account will be equal to a unique email address and phone number. All other accounts will be suspended, also considering the forthcoming obligatory verification.

Keeping Information Records Fresh

If you would like to verify your email address or mobile phone number now, you can do it on your own. For you, it is necessary to ensure that your account is safe and only you can access it. Besides, confirming your email will help you to get more flawless experience with withdrawal confirmations and receiving notifications.

How do I Confirm My Email?

You can check the status of your email in the Profile section. If your email is verified, you will see a green tick next to it. If it still is not, you will see a button to click in order to confirm your address. Pressing it will allow you to receive a message with the link. Then you just need to follow the link, and your email address will be verified.

What About Phone Confirmation?

If you are willing to update your phone number before our confirmation procedure, you can verify it by enabling 2FA for it.

Please note that these requirements are not obligatory for now, and soon you will be asked to confirm your phone number as well as email.

A Reminder on New Verification Requirements

Phone number and email confirmation is the first step towards the complete verification of our users. So, we would also like to remind that for further successful experiences on CEX.IO, you need to pass identity verificationwhich will soon become mandatory for all our users. It is necessary for us to stay compliant with the 4th AML Directive and ensure both you and we are acting legally. Find more details about new verification requirements and why they are necessary here.

Please also note that only the verified customers will have access to all depositing, withdrawing, and trading opportunities as well as wire transfers. You can pass the procedure by visiting Verification page in the Profile section. On our Help Centre, you can find a detailed guide to Identity Verification.

We are extremely grateful for your loyalty. And we will do everything possible to ensure that you are having an outstanding experience with CEX.IO platform.