More Simplified Crypto Purchases on CEX.IO
Mar 28, 2018

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The main goal of CEX.IO exchange is to make cryptocurrencies closer to each and every individual. We are constantly moving towards this goal by improving our service and adding new opportunities on our platform. One of the largest steps we have taken in this direction is the introduction of instant buy option. It is incredibly convenient and requires minimum effort from the users to buy any cryptocurrency available on CEX.IO.

If one would like to receive cryptocurrency instantly, CEX.IO is ready to introduce the feature that allows doing so.

How Instant Buy Option Works?

Our instant purchase feature offers the customers an option to get any supported on the platform cryptocurrency in just 3 clicks.

The basis for instant buy option is the traditional FOK (Fill or kill) orders that are either completed at the very moment of confirmation or are not filled at all. It means that the users can always be sure about receiving the same amount or even more crypto at the agreed price. It is possible due to the fact that the system freezes the price for 2 minutes once the user opens Buy/Sell page.

This feature is convenient as far as the system considers the average market rate for that specific moment. Then, if the price stays the same, the order will be filled at the very moment under the agreed conditions. In case the price goes up in that period, the user will be informed about this change and will be able to decide whether the new price is appropriate. In case if the price gets lower, then the user will receive even more crypto than expected.

Buying Cryptocurrency on CEX.IO: Fast and Easy!

Look through these steps showing how to buy crypto in 3 clicks on CEX.IO.

 1. Go to the Buy page. Choose the cryptocurrency you are planning to buy and the currency you will pay in.

The minimum amount to purchase is 0.01 BTC. The maximum amount to buy depends on the limits of your account type. They are as follows:

Account type
Maximum to pay in a day
Maximum to pay in a month
Basic $1,000/€1,000/£1,000/₽60,000 $3,000/€3,000/£2,000/₽180,000
Verified $3,000/€3,000/£2,000/₽180,000 $30,000/€30,000/£20,000/₽1,800,000

2. First, you choose an amount of crypto to buy or input the customized one and press the “Buy” button.

After inputting the amount to buy, you will be able to check all order details and choose whether to pay with your verified card or from your balance.

3. If you choose the card, you will be required to input the CVV code. After this, you are welcome to press “Buy Now” button, and you will be redirected to payment confirmation if that is required by your card issuer.

4. In case of paying with your balance, just press the “Buy now” button to successfully get cryptocurrency on your CEX.IO account.

5. At the same time, please note that you can also send your funds to your external wallet if you need to do so. In this case, choose “Send to address” option and input the wallet address in the respective field.

After the purchase, the funds will be successfully sent to the wallet you have indicated or to your CEX.IO balance. Please, be very attentive when inputting the external address as the action is irreversible.

The new instant purchase system allows the users to save more time while buying crypto and makes the whole process as usual as any online purchase.

We hope this improvement will help you enjoy your experience with CEX.IO.

Product Team
Product Team

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