November Digest: CEX.IO Ecosystem Updates

, December 7, 2021

While new products are being created across the crypto industry, as new trends emerge, we at CEX.IO try to provide you with an easy and secure way to benefit from all of them. Our ecosystem continues growing as we add new products, expand the list of supported currencies, and improve our services every day. 

We’ve gathered all our monthly updates in this one article, designed to help you to learn about new opportunities with CEX.IO. In November, we opened an early access waitlist for the CEX.IO Visa debit card, added Google Pay and Apple Pay options, listed new assets, integrated the Polygon network, and became licensed in Virginia! Also, there are several ongoing promos in which you can still participate. Let’s dive into all of it.

New product: CEX.IO is launching a crypto debit card

We’ll soon introduce a completely new product of our ecosystem that can be used for purchases anywhere, anytime — the CEX.IO Visa debit card. It allows you to pay for daily expenses with any crypto asset in your CEX.IO portfolio, and earn rewards for each purchase.

Today the early access waitlist is open to U.K. customers. You can sign up to be one of the first to receive the CEX.IO card. 

Benefits of the CEX.IO Visa Card: 

  • Up to 5% back on ALL purchases, online and in-store
  • Pay for anything with crypto or fiat 
  • Cash withdrawals from any ATM that supports Visa 
  • Spend crypto and fiat instantly, without waiting days for approval

More details can be found in this post

Want to be one of the first to receive a CEX.IO card? Our waitlist is open! 

Mobile app updates: Google Pay & Apple Pay available 

Buying crypto became even easier with the CEX.IO mobile app. Because now you can use the Google Pay/Apple Pay options! The new payment methods are available for both Instant Buy service and fiat deposits. 

Google Pay/Apple pay are now available for transactions in USD, EUR, and GBP. We’re pleased to offer our customers these new choices!

New listings

Songbird (SGB) listing & airdrop

In November we received updates from the Flare team regarding the Songbird (SGB) airdrop. We conducted this airdrop with a mind toward most favorable conditions for our customers. Here’s some details:

  • We now support the SGB/USD pair 
  • We launched SGB staking with 8-9% annual rewards percentage
  • Deposits and withdrawals coming soon

You can now trade and stake SGB tokens against fiat on a reliable crypto exchange!

MINA/USD market

Meet another newcomer to CEX.IO! You can now deposit and withdraw MINA, and trade MINA/USD, via our website and/or mobile app. 

Mina claims to be the first cryptocurrency protocol with a concise blockchain. The size of the Mina network is always the same — just 22KB — regardless of growing usage. This means that participants can quickly sync during the network test.

This breakthrough was made possible by the zk-SNARK, a type of short cryptographic proof. Each time the Mina node creates a new block, it also generates a SNARK confirming that the block was valid. Then all the nodes can store small confirmation records rather than the entire chain.

New staking token: Solana (SOL) 

Solana (SOL) token is now available for staking at CEX.IO. To start earning, you just need to deposit or buy SOL. Once tokens appear on your balance, you earn 5% annual rewards percentage each hour. 

Thanks to the flexibility of the CEX.IO Staking service, you don’t need to wait for the end of the staking period to access your funds. You can withdraw or trade them anytime. 

The minimal staking amount — 0.05 SOL. The more SOL you have, the more rewards you receive.

Faster and cheaper crypto transactions with Polygon 

CEX.IO integrated Polygon to provide faster, cost-efficient crypto deposits and withdrawals. Polygon also helps avoid delays in transferring funds during overload periods in the Ethereum network, which happen frequently.

You’ll be able to use your CEX.IO account as a bridge between Polygon and Ethereum networks. For instance, if you have ERC-20 MATIC tokens and want to transfer them to the Polygon wallet, you can do the following:

  • Deposit MATIC to CEX.IO
  • Withdraw them from CEX.IO to your Polygon wallet 

Polygon is also a cost-effective way to conduct your arbitrage transactions. We’re proud we can deliver our customers the range of services they deserve. 


Multi-chain support: deposit and withdraw crypto from different blockchains

Some crypto projects have their tokens built on different blockchains. Thus, USDT has ERC-20, TRC-20, and OMNI versions. The type of protocol in which the token works is essential for successful deposits and withdrawals. TRC-20 protocol doesn’t accept ERC-20 tokens and vice versa. So pay attention to the wallet address and token type when sending crypto.

Recently, CEX.IO launched multi-chain support for our wallets. That means you can now deposit and withdraw tokens of different types:

  • USDT (Ethereum + Tron) – deposit and withdrawal
  • USDC (Ethereum + Tron + Stellar) – deposit
  • USDC (Ethereum + Stellar) – withdrawal
  • NEO (NEO + NEO3) – deposit

Expansion: CEX.IO is now available in Virginia (U.S.)

Our Virginia users have experienced service restrictions due to applicable laws. Today we’re happy to announce we’ve obtained the necessary license and we’re active in Virginia again.

Customers from Virginia can now:

  • Buy crypto instantly 
  • Deposit and withdraw fiat and cryptocurrencies 
  • Trade multiple crypto markets 

We welcome all Virginians to our big family!

International Fraud Awareness Week

CEX.IO supported International Fraud Awareness Week, taking place November 15 – 19, 2021. We partnered with 600 other global organizations to join in the fight against fraud.

The main goal of International Fraud Awareness Week each year is to raise awareness of fraud issues and the real implications they have. During International Fraud Awareness Week 2021, we  shared educational content with our employees, as well as with our customers via our social media pages. 

Find useful tips for identifying and preventing fraud in our blog post.

Ongoing CEX.IO promotions in which you can participate


  • November 25 – December 25: Winter Holiday Cashback

Earn up to 5% cashback on instant crypto purchases! To receive cashback:

  • Register at the Promo page
  • Buy crypto through Instant Buy (use your card, or now offering Apple Pay and Google Pay options!)
  • Get cashback 

Cashback amounts:

Up to $500 purchase — 2% cashback

$500-$1,000 — 3% cashback

Over $1,000 — 5% cashback

  • November 29 – December 13: $3,000 AWX giveaway

The Aurus ecosystem went through significant updates, among which was integration with one of our products — CEX Direct. We thought this a great reason to launch a giveaway with AWX token prizes.

Join the $3,000 AWX giveaway, and submit as many entries as possible for your chance to win. The prize pool is: 


  • $500 AWX for 1 random winner
  • $300 for 2 winners
  • $200 for another 2 participants
  • $100 for 15 lucky guys
  • Through December 31, 2021: 0.05% trade fees for select stablecoin pairs

Enjoy lowered fees on select stablecoin pairs ‘til the end of the year! Now only 0.05% maker and taker fees for the following pairs:

  4. DAI/USD
  11. BUSD/USD
  12. TUSD/USD
  13. WBTC/BTC

Follow CEX.IO on Twitter or Facebook for the latest news and updates. See you next month!




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