Today we have published the revised Privacy Policy and Payment Policy & Procedure. Here’s an overview of what has been changed.

Privacy Policy Updates

The new edition of our Privacy Policy indicates and represents that it concerns not only the domain but also the new one –

We’ve also clarified the definition of “Our Sites” for our users and visitors to understand that currently we have two domains. The domain is authorized to use CEX.IO logo, and the website is a part of our company designed to provide top quality services to you.

Payment Policy & Procedure Updates

We’ve added new definitions and clauses to our Payment Policy & Procedure, explaining the process through which our users allow us to store and use their card information to initiate payments.


We’ve added the definition of fiat currencies and Agreement on the Storage of the Cardholder’s Credentials (ASCC).

Fiat currency is understood as any money issued and supported by a government. Under ASCC we understand the agreement between CEX.IO and the user, which states that you allow us to process and store your card information as well as use that information when working with our payment service providers.

Agreement on the Storage of the Cardholder’s Credentials

To process your payments, we need to store and transfer to our payment service providers your name, surname, card expiry date, and PAN number. We’ll ask for your explicit consent to store and process this information when you register on CEX.IO and every time you make a fiat deposit or withdrawal. If you don’t agree, we’ll be unable to process your deposits and withdrawals in fiat currencies.

If you want to cancel ASCC, you can easily do so. Just delete your card by visiting the Card tab on our website and press the red X next to the card you want to delete.

Security and Responsibility

CEX.IO has taken the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect your funds and ensure secure payment processing. Additionally, CEX.IO takes responsibility for transactions and other related services that aren’t provided by the payment service provider.

Moreover, note that by using CEX.IO you agree to these changes, through which we try to make your experience with our platform more comfortable and transparent.