Price Alerts in CEX.IO Mobile App

, June 10, 2019

We keep improving the CEX.IO mobile app to deliver an experience tailored to your needs. With the CEX.IO app, you can buy and trade crypto, deposit and withdraw funds, check charts, track your balance changes, and much more!

Today, we’re glad to introduce another feature: price alerts.

The crypto market changes quickly, and it’s not always easy to stay up with the trends. Price alerts keep you informed about price movements and give you an opportunity to respond.

You no longer need to follow the charts every other minute to spot the right moment to buy or trade. This new feature will let you know when it’s time to trade at your price.

How to create a price alert

To create a price alert in the CEX.IO mobile app, go to Profile → Price Alert. Or go to the Market or Trade tabs and tap the bell icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click Add First Alert.

On the next screen, select a currency pair, then set the price at which you would like to be notified, and click Save.

You can create an alert for a specific price and for a 24-hour percentage change.

To set a specific price, type a value in the Price field or use the percentage slider. If you use the slider, the Price field will be calculated automatically. For example, let’s imagine that currently BTC/USD is trading at $8500. You want to make a trading decision when the price rises by 10%. So you create a price alert and choose +10% in the Percentage of current price field. When you do this, the Price field is automatically recalculated and shows the current price with 10% added, or $9350.

To set a price alert for a 24-hour change, choose a percentage using the slider in the 24h Change field. This indicator will help you stay informed about market changes in the last 24 hours.

No matter which method you use to set an alert, once the price reaches the specified level, you’ll receive a push notification on your device. This allows you to keep up with crypto market movements and make informed trading decisions.

How to change/delete the price alert

You can have up to 10 price alerts in your account at once, and you can edit or delete existing alerts.

If you wish to change a price alert, tap on it and select Edit. Then make changes and click Save.

If you no longer need a price alert, you can remove it by tapping Delete.

If you don’t want to receive a notification for an alert, you can deactivate it from the menu. To re-enable notifications, tap on the alert and choose Activate.

With the price alerts feature in the CEX.IO mobile app, you will:

  • feel the pulse of the market and never miss out on trading opportunities
  • be able to prepare and respond quickly
  • get a tailor-made experience that fits your trading needs

We hope you’ll find this feature useful. Meanwhile, we’ll keep working hard to deliver more useful features to empower your trading experience on the go.

Still don’t have the CEX.IO mobile app? Get it on Google Play or the App Store.

Stay tuned for more updates!




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