Order Completion Notifications in CEX.IO Mobile App

, August 27, 2018

At CEX.IO, we’re always working to improve our service and make our platform more convenient for our customers. We’ve recently added push notifications to our mobile app so you can always know when your orders have been filled.

This new feature will allow you to keep track of your activities and improve your experience with the app.

Enabling push notifications

By default, push notifications are disabled in the CEX.IO mobile app. To enable them, go to Settings in the app menu.

On the Settings screen, locate the Order execution notifications option. Check the box to receive notifications and clear it to stop receiving notifications.

If you’ve turned on notifications in the app but they don’t arrive, check the settings of your mobile device. You may need to activate app notifications, either in general or specifically for the CEX.IO app.

Note that notifications in the CEX.IO app are activated for a specific user ID. If you’ve activated notifications on one device and have other devices associated with the same user ID, you’ll receive notifications on all of those devices. Additionally, if you have several users on a single device, you’ll need to activate push notifications for each account.

Receiving push notifications

With this new feature, you’ll get notifications when your orders are completed. Push notifications will appear only after full order completion. If an order is partially filled, you won’t receive a notification. If several orders are filled at the same moment, you’ll get a single notification listing all the orders.

Notifications don’t work for orders that are completed instantly. If an order is filled as soon as you place it (a market order), you won’t receive a push notification. If an order is completed while the CEX.IO mobile app is open, a push notification will appear on your screen but won’t be saved in the notification bar.

If an order is completed while your device doesn’t have an internet connection, you’ll receive the notification as soon as it reconnects. Be advised that when your device reconnects, however, you’ll only receive the notification for the last order completed within the past 24 hours. Any other missed notifications will not arrive.

Push notifications for completed orders will improve your experience with CEX.IO. Take advantage of the updated CEX.IO mobile app and benefit from receiving updates on order execution.



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