We’re determined to provide you with new trading options, and we’re excited to introduce QASH support on CEX.IO. QASH is a token designed to bring more liquidity to the cryptocurrency market and become a favored payment token for financial services.

For now, you’ll be able to trade the following pairs:


Please note that only verified non-US users will be able to trade QASH.

What is QASH?

QASH was created by QUOINE, a company that fully complies with the standards of the Japanese Financial Services Agency (JFSA). It was launched as a utility token, and it’s expected that the growth of the Liquid platform, which uses QASH as a payment method for its services, will contribute to its price increasing.

Ensuring the running of the Liquid platform, the QASH token is helping to overcome the lack of liquidity in the cryptocurrency market. The team behind QASH intends to unite the major exchanges and create a single order book to increase liquidity. In the future, the QASH token may also be used by other businesses just like BTC, ETH, and XRP are used now.

Why trade QASH?

Here are some more facts about QASH:

  • QASH was created by a team of specialists with experience in both finance and technology. Its co-founders worked for Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, and Credit Suisse, among other companies.
  • The team plans to create their own blockchain. It will use a proof of stake algorithm, allow intelligent agents (AKA smart contracts), and support a variety of programming languages to develop DApps. Additionally, QASH plans to reach the disruptive speed of 100,000 transactions per second.
  • Only 35% of QASH tokens are currently in circulation. The other tokens are locked for five years, which seems to be an indicator of the project’s long-term orientation.
  • Aiming to deliver service to institutional investors, QUOINE promotes high standards, transparency, and regulatory compliance.
  • The QUOINE company is subject to audits by one of the Big 4 firms — currently one of the largest, most trusted, and most reliable auditors in the world.

Boasting developers with expertise in the financial sphere and a forward-looking approach, QASH is widely believed to be a token with growth potential.

We hope that QASH will become a valuable addition to your trading portfolio and that you’ll be able to use it for your benefit. Make sure to research the coin on your own before buying it.