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Scam Warning and Disclaimer

, November 17, 2017

Recently, we have noticed the unauthorized use of the Company’s name by the scammers on the internet. Some of our customers have found a so-called CEX.IO сall center number. They were said to provide support service to our clients. After the call, our users got the information that the supporters are ready to solve their questions for a particular financial remuneration.

CEX.IO and External Service Providers

We would like to inform you that CEX.IO does not cooperate with any third parties for support services. Furthermore, the official company representatives would NEVER ask our users to pay additional fees for the solution of their issues.

While some phone numbers are promoted on the internet as the phones of CEX.IO support, we deny any relation to them. CEX.IO has nothing to do with white labeling, paid phone numbers for customer support, or any partners claiming to assist the users with faster query processing.

Secure Your Private Data

Please, remember that only the official representatives of CEX.IO may be able to solve your problems. We also encourage you to be attentive since the danger of phishing, spoofing, and identity theft is always present for the internet users. So, your personal data should never be revealed to any outside parties.

Where to Look for Information

We would also like to remind that the correct information is always present on our official Twitter and Facebook accounts. More detailed information can be found on the following websites:

Please, pay attention to this warning and do not trust any sources, except the official ones. In case of ignoring the provided recommendations, the Company will not hold responsibility for the loses that the customers might face as a result of the scam.

If you have any issues that you need to solve, our support team is always ready to assist you. Contact them via support@cex.io.



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