Despite the fact that Bitcoin has made significant progress towards becoming the world’s first truly global currency over the past few years, many people are hesitating whether they should start using Bitcoin on a daily basis or not. The main reason is that for the vast majority of purchases, online and in real life, Bitcoin seems to be pretty much useless. In order to destroy this myth we start publishing a series of reviews that will tell you about the most reliable services and places, which accept Bitcoin all over the world.

There’s a growing number of websites and businesses that will offer goods and services for your Bitcoins. You can simply get a pint down your local pub or even rent a holiday apartment paying in cryptocurrency. Our goal is to collect all the best deals in here and share it with you. What would you like to spend your Bitcoins on? Is it music, food, electronics or, maybe, you’d like to donate some money to a cause?

So far one of these interactive maps — or will help you to find nearest Bitcoin-friendly store in your area. However, these are not necessarily 100% up-to-date and you may discover that some of these merchants have tested Bitcoin as a payment option at one point, but no longer use it. Or they may be selling a very limited range of goods in a particular geographical area. Nevertheless, it’s always worth trying.

We’re also looking forward to hearing from online/offline stores and services that would like to join our series of reviews. All you need is to leave a comment below this post, so we can contact you later.

Let’s collaborate and make a full list of great Bitcoin stores and services to convince even those people who still don’t understand why they should make the effort to use cryptocurrency!