Recent Updates to the CEX.IO Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

, November 6, 2018

We’d like to draw your attention to recent changes in our Terms of Use for CEX.IO as of October 30, 2018, and to our Privacy Policy as of November 2, 2018. We’ve highlighted the most significant of these changes below.

Changes to the Terms of Use

The major changes in the latest version of our Terms of Use concern personal information, removal of GHS and voucher terms as irrelevant to the service, and the safety of data transmission.

Personal information

Personal information is any information identifying you personally or which can help us to identify you. Such data includes but is not limited to your first name and last name, physical address, email address, and trades. We would also like to remind you that all your personal information is securely stored and encrypted. In addition, we always process your data according to the highest international standards.

Secure data transmission

Keep in mind that email should not be seen as a secure method of communication and should not be used for transmitting personal information. If you need to provide personal information to CEX.IO, we strongly encourage you to use online forms on our website.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, our Privacy Policy now includes more details on how we deal with users personal data.

In the updated version, we’ve added some definitions for the main terms that concern privacy of personal data. We’ve also expanded the list that includes the kinds of personal information that we collect. Additionally, we’ve specified parties with which we can share your personal information. We’ll only do so if it’s essential for adequate and correct service delivery. We’ve also clarified the conditions under which we can transfer your personal information internationally.

We can sometimes ask you to provide us with additional documents for identification and to confirm the sources of your funds to prevent money laundering and fraud. We would like to emphasize that we don’t provide our services to individuals younger than 18 years old, so we don’t process their data.

In the Security section of our Privacy Policy, you can learn more about what kinds of security measures we take to ensure the total security of your personal data.

Continuing to use CEX.IO implies agreeing with these changes. We believe that they will improve your experience with CEX.IO and allow you to keep using our platform for your trading activities.


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