Today we would like to draw special attention of the users living on the territory of Ukraine. Please, be informed that we are disabling the verification opportunity for new users who are settled in Ukraine.

What Does it Mean?

The new users from Ukraine will not be able to pass identity verification, which means:

  1. They will not have an opportunity to submit cards for verification.
  2. They will not be allowed to use their cards for deposits and withdrawals.
  3. It will be forbidden for those customers to use fiat for their transactions.
  4. Depositing and withdrawing fiat money for new Ukrainian users will be forbidden.  
  5. Wire transfers for such customers will also be unavailable.

Basically, the newly registered users from Ukraine will only be able to deposit, trade, and withdraw cryptocurrencies.

For Current Users

For the users previously registered with us, we will continue processing their applications. In addition, the existing users will also have a chance to add new cards and submit them for verification. In overall, they will be able to conduct their activities as previously so long as they follow the rules of the website. Otherwise, their accounts may be closed by the representatives of the company’s compliance department.