CEX.IO Ecosystem Updates: August 2022

, September 5, 2022

In August, many digital asset enthusiasts resigned themselves to the fact that cryptocurrencies have entered a bear market. However, crypto events expected in the coming months are inspiring some market participants that the existing narrative around the market is poised to shift. On our end, we continue to work on improving our ecosystem of services and developing new options and opportunities for users at every stage of their crypto journey.

This month, we focused on educating our users about the current state of the crypto landscape. By revealing the opportunities that accompany a bear market and describing the various tools available that could mitigate its effects, our aim is to guide the CEX.IO community through these difficult times. In addition, we introduced new promotions, features, and special offers to invigorate the ecosystem and help our customers choose the right path among shifting financial realities. 

Below, we’ve assembled company updates, recent accomplishments, and events, as well as ongoing promotions for users to remain informed and included in CEX.IO’s ongoing advancements.


Company updates and new features

CEX.IO partners with Checkout.com

CEX.IO partnered with Checkout.com to empower our five million CEX.IO users worldwide to utilize Checkout.com’s multi-region card payout and global processing solutions. This partnership will provide CEX.IO with the power to not only keep pace but stay ahead of transaction processing opportunities among crypto platforms. 

CEX.IO adds Cronos blockchain support for CRO transactions

CEX.IO continued expanding our list of supported blockchain networks as a part of its multi-chain initiative. Recently, we enabled CRO transactions via the Cronos blockchain, providing users with a new opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds on CEX.IO.


New listings

Terra 2.0 (LUNA2)

Terra 2.0 is a public blockchain protocol that emerged from Terra Classic (LUNC). Terra Classic is home to algorithmic stablecoin UST which experienced a crash in May 2022 that affected the Terra (LUNA) cryptocurrency. The new Terra 2.0 network continues the legacy of Terra Classic without the UST stablecoin and focuses on new opportunities for the LUNA community. 


MERC is the utility token of the Mercury platform, which provides a palette of crypto tools and services designed to improve trading performance and efficiency. MERC tokens can be used to get discounts on the Mercury platform and enjoy the Mercury Partner Loyalty Program.


Ongoing promotions

Crypto Believers Party

CEX.IO continued its Crypto Believers Party Series with moref giveaways and promotions for registered users. The most active participants across the Series will win CEX.IO NFTs at the end of 2022. As a part of this initiative, CEX.IO customers can currently participate in a $3,000 in Polygon (MATIC) giveaway. The MATIC giveaway will be running until September 2.



Zilliqa Wheel of Fortune

We launched the Zilliqa Wheel of Fortune promo, empowering users to boost their ZIL staking rewards on newly deposited ZIL tokens. To obtain a bonus, users just need to spin the wheel on the promo page any time before September 4 to qualify. Find out more about the rules of the promo in this blog post.


Introducing the CEX.IO Crypto Quiz Series

Users will have the opportunity to test their crypto knowledge and earn a chance to win prizes for providing all correct answers. We will announce new quizzes each week on our official channels, so keep your eyes on our social media to be among the first to participate. The prize pool is limited, so make sure you’re up to date on the latest crypto news and listings!

Please note that you can always visit our Giveaways and Contests page to find out about ongoing special offers and check out the results of previous promotions. In addition, follow CEX.IO on Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram to receive the latest company news and updates.



CEX.IO to list WABI

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Updated! CEX.IO to Launch Tether (USDT) Market with a Special Offer

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