In the final days of October 2018, Zcash developers will activate Sapling, a system upgrade that follows the Overwinter upgrade. This new hard fork on the blockchain is expected to happen at block number 419,200. According to predictions, it will happen between October 28 and 29.

Please pay attention to the fact that we’ll temporarily suspend Zcash processing on CEX.IO around the time of the fork. Deposits and withdrawals of Zcash will be paused 3 hours before the fork starts. They’ll be restarted within 3 hours after the upgrade has been completed. You can check the estimated time left before the fork here.

We believe this upgrade should pass without any difficulties. As a major part of the community seems to stand behind the upgrade, we don’t expect a blockchain split or new coins. However, we need to make sure that all systems work properly after the fork, which is why we’ll temporarily pause processing to secure your funds.

To ensure that your funds are kept safe, we also advise you not to deposit or withdraw Zcash during the fork. Please make sure to handle your ZEC operations in advance to avoid any issues with funds transfers.

We understand that pausing Zcash processing on CEX.IO may result in inconvenience to you. However, we must make sure that your funds are safe during and after the upgrade.

We’ll inform you when processing will be stopped and restarted on our Status Page. In case of any issues, you can contact our support team.

Stay tuned!