CEX.IO Partners with P2P Validator to Provide Cosmos and Tezos Staking

, April 22, 2020

Earlier this year, we kicked off staking, a service that allows our customers to receive rewards by literally doing nothing. Staking is an extremely complicated technical process that’s necessary to maintain a blockchain network’s operations. That’s why people who aren’t tech-savvy usually don’t even consider taking advantage of it. If you decide to do staking on your own, you’ll face several challenges:

  • Staking requires learning about delegating, understanding the staking mechanism, rewards distribution, and bonding/unbonding periods, finding a reliable staking provider, and so on.
  • Usually, coins are locked while you stake them. But not being able to use your coins during the staking period is uncomfortable.

Good news! CEX.IO blockchain experts have fixed these two main inconveniences. First, we have made it possible for all our customers to participate in staking and receive staking rewards automatically by just keeping coins and tokens on their CEX.IO balance. No need to get into any technical details. Second, we have introduced liquid staking — CEX.IO customers can trade and stake crypto at the same time. Simply put, as long as you have stakeable coins on your CEX.IO balance, you will participate in staking while remaining in control of your funds. 


🤓 Simple and hassle-free Cosmos and Tezos staking


Two of the most prevalent assets in the Proof of Stake ecosystem are Tezos and Cosmos. They are also the two cryptocurrencies that have most recently joined our staking roster through a partnership with P2P Validator, a secure non-custodial staking service. 

To ensure efficient staking of XTZ and ATOM for our customers, we searched for a reliable, well-established staking partner. P2P Validator has been baking XTZ since November 2018, has achieved a stable AAA+ rating on MyTezosBaker, and has become one of the top five Tezos validators according to TezosNodes. P2P Validator was also one of the winners of the Cosmos Game of Stakes and has participated in every on-chain governance in both the Tezos and Cosmos networks. 

We are excited to partner with P2P Validator and provide our customers with more ways to gain extra rewards through Cosmos and Tezos staking. This partnership will allow us to bring secure non-custodial liquid staking for different cryptocurrencies to customers. With P2P Validator’s 99.98% uptime guarantee and a unique staking mechanism developed by CEX.IO, you can rest assured of the seamless and uninterrupted staking of your XTZ and ATOM funds. In turn, we have created the most favorable and flexible staking conditions for CEX.IO customers: 


  • 📍 No need to register on any external services or transfer cryptocurrency to other wallets. Everything happens in the same familiar CEX.IO interface.
  • 📍 Trade while you stake and stake while you trade. Other staking platforms usually lock users’ funds for a certain time frame while staking. For ATOM, there’s a mandatory 21-day lockup. Staking on CEX.IO leaves you in control of your money thanks to the unique liquid staking feature. You can trade and withdraw your funds at any moment and you’ll keep getting rewards on your XTZ and ATOM holdings right up until the funds leave your CEX.IO balance.


P2P Validator customers can now also enjoy an improved staking experience thanks to add-on features provided by CEX.IO:


  • 📍 Use the liquid staking option and receive staking rewards ATOM without locking funds. You can exchange and withdraw funds at any moment. 
  • 📍 Instantly purchase coins available for staking with a VISA or Mastercard and start staking coins right away using staking.cex.io.

This mutually beneficial cooperation allows CEX.IO and P2P Validator to take the best of each company’s features and improve the experience for CEX.IO and P2P Validator customers.


🤑 Make your ATOM and XTZ funds work for you


Staking is a great and secure way to increase your rewards with the funds you already have, and we make sure it is as easy as possible. By participating in staking, you also increase the security of the respective blockchain networks and support crypto projects, which can also influence your crypto capital in the long-term perspective.

With CEX.IO, Cosmos staking can bring you up to 9% annually, and staking Tezos is estimated at up to a 7% reward. You can use our staking calculator to estimate the daily, monthly, and yearly rewards.

And to repeat ourselves, with CEX.IO, you always remain in control of your funds and can trade your PoS coins while staking them. To start staking ATOM and XTZ, simply deposit these tokens to your CEX.IO account or purchase them using your VISA or Mastercard card. Your staking rewards will be added to your balance automatically. Leave the rest to us and enjoy receiving your rewards!


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